A/N: Hey, all. This is my sorry attempt to get back in the writing game, although I'm sure that most of you who once liked my stuff have completely forgotten about me since I've basically been M.I.A. from FictionPress for the past couple of months. What can I say? College is kicking in my ass, and now that I finally have a boyfriend a lot of the inspiration I once had for writing is gone. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short little brain fart of mine.

Falling in Love

by DancingChaChaFruit

When I was five I fell in underage love for the first time with the boy who sat next to me in kindergarten. His name was Adam Cruso. He had dark brown hair and surprisingly blue eyes, and he was shorter than me. Every time we had to draw a picture I would secretly dedicate my drawing to him, and whenever we had naptime I did whatever I could to get my mat next to his. Of course, no one knew how much I liked him except my best friend at the time, Cindy, and no one ever has known, as far as I can tell. I doubt that Cindy, once she moved to Connecticut, told many people about it. And even if she did, they wouldn't know who she was talking about.

When I was twelve, I fell in middle-school love with the boy that every girl in school had a crush on. His name was Josh Lansing, and oh, was he cute. He had the typical blonde hair and blue eyes combination, with delicate features. My best friend from middle school, Alicia, and I spent most of our time drooling over old yearbook photos of him or plotting imaginative and impossible ways that he may notice us one day. In eighth grade Alicia mustered up the courage to ask him to sign her yearbook, and I watched with a mixture of fear, awe, and jealousy as he quickly scribbled something in the back pages of her yearbook and handed it back to her. Later, we pored over his messy, scrawled, "Have a great summer! –Josh" and wondered what it would have been like to have been friends with him.

When I was sixteen, I fell in teenage love with the boy whose locker was next to mine junior year, and who shared third period Spanish III with me. His name was Tom Sommers, and he was about the same height as me with dark brown eyes and light brown hair. We bonded over a mutual dislike of the Spanish language and the crappy location of our lockers compared to our classes. Not too long, before I could catch myself, I was head-over-heels for him. I was never certain if his feelings for me ever matched mine, and I was too afraid to find out despite the nagging of my friends. But by senior year, in which we shared neither a class nor the proximity of lockers, we stopped hanging out so much and drifted apart.

When I was nineteen, I fell in true love with the boy who sat next to me in my math class the first semester of my sophomore year. His name was Noah Waters. We were both engineers, and we always complained about the difficulty of our classes and studied together. Studying turned into watching movies and getting dinner and just sitting around talking, and when he asked me to be his girlfriend a month after we met, I was on cloud nine for weeks. We did everything together, from studying in the library to sleeping in the same bed each night, even though that first year he lived off-campus and I still lived on-campus. Although I made other friends, he became my best friend who I hung out with more than anyone. We wanted to marry each other, and we made all sorts of plans for our future together, from the kind of house we should buy to the number of kids we wanted to have. But neither of us could find jobs in the same location after graduation, and after a year he said that the long distance was too much to handle. I was a mess for months.

When I was twenty-four, I fell in love for the last time with you. You made me feel like less of an idiot when that stranger was yelling at me for bumping into him, and you've been there for me ever since. I've been falling in and out of love my entire life. I thought I'd found the one with Noah, but he clearly wasn't—that much I could tell when he couldn't handle just a year apart. But now I have you. I don't need Noah or Tom or Josh or Adam. I don't need those other silly boys who I liked but never loved. You're the only guy I'll ever need for the rest of my life, and the ring you'll be sliding onto my left ring finger tomorrow is a testament to that. I can't wait it for finally be official that we'll be together forever. So here's to the rest of our lives, baby, in sickness and in health, until the day we die.