Indecent Exposure:

On a chilly winter's night,

As we lie before this fire,

Saying I didn't crave your love,

Would prove I'm a terrible liar.

My lips are a perfect fit,

And my fingers aim to please,

So let me cuddle you in this warmth,

Let me be your antifreeze.

Skin like yours deserves perfection,

So trust that I'll do my best,

At kissing every silken inch,

Of your tummy and your chest.

I'll be caressing your most sensitive skin,

So It's alright if you need to giggle,

I'll just take it as a compliment,

And smile as your body wriggles.

So as we light our own fire,

Let us be engulfed by our passion,

Let us kiss where we may,

And In the most lustful of fashions.

Warmed by our embrace,

I need to snuggle even closer,

Naughty in every sense,

Indecent exposure.