Have you ever felt alone?

Have you ever felt not quite right?

Have you ever let someone down

Who was close to you?

You might not admit it

No one said you had to

But doesn't it eat away at you?

Doesn't it make you sick?

Your loneliness is your way of saying

Someone needs to let me in

Your 'not quite right' feeling is your way of saying

You have a confession

And you letting someone down

Is your way of saying you have your own imperfections

This is all understandable

All fairly expected

People go through this

The only problem is

You've done this more than once

You don't just feel

Not quite right

You've blocked it out

To the point where you have difficultly

Feeling at all

Your loneliness

Is your fuel for cruelty

You letting me down

Has absolutely no affect

On your already cold heart

It cannot get colder

Cannot become more stone-like

Than it already is

That frightens people

But not me

You've hurt me in such a way

That there is nothing more you can do

To harm me

You've already shattered my heart

Already crushed my soul

The worst you can do is kill me

And after what you've done

Death would be more peaceful than life

So go ahead

Do your worst

And if I were you

I'd run now

Before I get the chance

To release my revenge


I'm pretty sure you won't feel

Not quite right

You'll feel entirely wrong

Which you are


Look me in the eye

See the fire

And do your worst

If you can

If you have the guts


I don't think you do

3, 2, 1

Now you're truly alone