I got checked out of the hospital two days later. And, let me tell you, that felt absolutely amazing. No more hospital beds, no more hideous white gowns, no IVs stuck into my arms, and no more sterile hospital smell.

But there was still one thing I had to do before anything else; I needed to find Devon. I needed to tell him that I loved him.

I needed to apologize for being such a selfish bitch.

"Cass, I need your help," I told her as we sat in the cab on the way home from the hospital. I pushed my bangs out of my eyes, and fiddled ((get rid of the "and" and just have the comma with "fiddling," so that it reads "I pushed my bangs out of my eyes, fiddling…")) with my hands nervously. I looked at her, and she just smiled knowingly back at me.

"Is it finding Devon?" she asked, almost bouncing up in her seat.

"Hey! Sit down back there!" the driver yelled, and she sat down, looking at me intently.

"Sorry," she mumbled to the driver and then turned back to me. "Is it?"

I nodded. "I'm in," she said.


"Okay, first we need to figure out which hotel he's staying in. Did he say anything to you at the hospital?" she questioned, looking at a list of all the hotels in the London area.

"No," I said slowly. "Basically, we told each other that we missed each other. Then we got into another argument."

"Well, that's never good."

"No, and I started tearing up and crying like a baby."

"Goodness, Gwen. For someone so smart, you are kind of an idiot." A serious look crossed her face, followed closely by a light smile.

"Gee, thanks."

"Hey, what are friends for?" she asked, scanning the list once more. "I think we should start at The Berkeley."

"Do you have their number?"

"Yeah." She handed me the number and I dialed it hurriedly.

"Do you have a Devon Remmington at your hotel?" I asked the concerige. I listened to him tell me that no, he did not, but then he rattled off a list of other people staying there. None of them were related to the Remmington family whatsoever. "Thank you, anyway," I said and hung up.

"The Dorchester," Cass told me and handed me another slip of paper with the number on it. I called, getting the same response as before. Still no sign of the Remmington family. The next four hotels I called were the Langham, The Mandarin Orential, The Lanesborough and the Claridge. I got the same exact answer from all four of them: no.

"This is hopeless," I sighed. Cass and I were now sitting on a bench in Hyde Park eating a pretzel. I had called the six top hotels in the area and still no sign of Devon.

"Don't give up, Gwendolyn. Love always prevails," Cass told me, smiling and patting me on the back. She was always the more optimistic of the two of us.

I raised my eyebrows slightly at her. "And how would you know, Cass? Have you ever been in love?"

"Well, no-"

"My point." I held a piece of pretzel up and pointed it at her. "Being in love sucks."

"I don't think it can be that bad."

"Coming from the girl that a: doesn't believe in love, and b: refuses to date."

Cass crossed her arms over her chest and puffed out her cheeks. "That's my own personal choice."

I took a thoughtful bite of pretzel and then turned to look at her. "That still doesn't mean you know what it's like."

"So?" she asked. "Men are just sex-crazed, hormone-driven assholes who have nothing better to do than jack off to some movie or poster. They will hit on anything with breasts and nice legs and have no intelligence level whatsover."

"What about Quincy?"

"He, too, has some of those similar qualities. It is what we call man. Even though they act more primitive and neanderthal-ish than an actual human being," she continued, ranting about her dislike of men. "Don't get me wrong, they are attractive and alluring, but that doesn't mean they are decent people. Men are like-"

"Okay!" I yelped. "Enough. I understand."

"As long as you know what you are getting yourself into," Cass replied, shrugging and pulling off a peice of pretzel. "Come on, let's go. Let's get your mind off of Mr. Remmington and go to the cinema or something."

I dusted off the crumbs on my clothes and stood up, tossing the pretzel wrapper in the garbage can. "Yeah, that sounds good. I don't need to worry about him right now. "

"That's right! You are in London! City of dreams, okay, not really, but I'd like to think so," Cass said, skipping backwards down the park sidewalk happily. I just laughed and rolled my eyes, following after her as she lead the way.

We had been walking about two blocks when we came to the intersection of Kensington and Chelsea. A quaint little hotel was nestled cozily in the street corner and I stared at it wide-eyed. My heart started racing and I searched the streets frantically for the familiar face of Devon Remmington. For some reason, this place was the type of place where Devon would be at home in.

"Cass, what hotel is that?" I asked, still staring at it. What if Devon was staying there? What would I say to him? How would he react? Would he still be pissed at me?

Yeah, he'd probably still be pissed at me, he tends to hold slight grudges.

"That, right there, is The Cranely Hotel. Expensive, cozy, and pretty gosh damn adorable."

"I think we should go in," I said, it was more of a command than a suggestion. I then dashed across the busy intersection. Not the brightest idea on my part, but my heart was pounding and adrenaline was pumping exictedly though my veins.

"Gwen!" Cass called. "Come back here! You don't know if he's going to be there or not!"

"Why not try?" I called back, smiling brightly. I had a very good feeling about this hotel. I saw Cass cross the street quickly, shaking her head and mumbling to herself, and I quickly dashed inside the front doors. I headed straight towards the front desk where an elderly blond woman was standing with a phony smile plastered on her face. A lump in my throat made my voice hoarse as I spoke, "Is there a Devon Remmington here?"

The woman, whose name tag read Linda, typed away on her computer and then looked up at me, her lips twitching. "Yes, there is."

"Room number?" I asked, surprised that she was being so leinent about this. Devon was wealthy and basically a superstar, not only in the U.S, but in other countries as well. The fact that she wasn't drilling me with insanely weird questions surprised me.

"Building C, room four." She pointed towards the building and that's where I headed. I found Cass breathless in the front lobby, and I grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind me.

"Well?" She asked, behind me in tow.

"He's here," I told her with a smile, winding my way to building C. I was skipping, I didn't even know that I was physically able to skip. And not only was I skipping, but I was skipping with glee. I didn't even know that the word glee was in my vocabulary.

"What- wait- really, Gwen? That's wonderful! That's really splendid!" Cass squealed, but grabbed my shoulders, preventing me from skipping any further. "How are you going to tell him? Because I seriously don't think it would be appropriate if you just went in there and told him. That's-"

"And what, exactly, is wrong with just winging it?" I asked, folding my arms across my chest and stamping my foot on the ground.

"It's not romantic at all-"

"So?" I asked, lips twiching.

"So-so," she sputtered. Before she could come up with an actual reason, I grinned like a slaphappy mule and started skipping down to building C once more. Nothing could keep me down at this moment. Nothing! The sky was blue, the birds were chirping, and I am totally over doing this moment. I heard Cass sigh and follow me down the sidewalk to building C, but I knew she wasn't actually mad at me.

When I made it to building C, I stepped into the doors, and my heart started pumping wildly. Everything depended on this moment. Just as I was about to pass room one, someone- a very certain someone- stepped out of room four. I stopped in the center of the hallway, smiling.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat, hoping Devon would look up. His blue eyes met mine and he stopped dead in his tracks. The only sounds left in the hallway were my ragged breaths, the wild beating of my heart, and Devon's calm breath.

A small smile lit my features and I blushed. Taking a step forward, I felt bolder; Devon still hadn't left the spot in which he started, the room key still in his hand. He just stared at me, blue eyes bright but slightly confused. I would be confused too if the person I just got into a fight with (and quite possibly was in love with) tracked down my hotel room, even though I was in a different country.

"What are you doing here?" Devon asked lightly, not breaking his gaze with mine. "How did you find me?"

"Well, you see," I began, taking a few steps forward. "I called almost every over-priced, expensive hotel in the city, and no one had a young man by the name of Devon Remmington staying at their hotel. So, Cass and I began walking down the streets off of Hyde Park and I found this place called The Cranely Hotel, only to find that the guy I love was staying there. So I began skipping with glee-"

"Wait, Gwen. Can repeat that last sentence?" Devon asked, finally breaking our gazes and staring at his feet as if they were the most interesting things in the world (his shoes weren't even that awesome, they were just plain black Converse).

"I began skipping with glee. You know, I didn't even think that glee was in my vocabulary, so you know, that was a good thing and-"

"You're babbling." Devon deadpanned, looking up at me once again. "And the sentence before that."

I blushed and stepped a few steps forward. Now I was close enough that I could touch him, our bodies only inches apart from each other. "I said," I told him carefully, closing the remaining space of our bodies, "that I love you."

And then my lips melted into his as if it was destiny.

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