A Song-Fiction, go along with "Where'd You Go" By Fort Minor.

"Where'd you go?" She whispered, "I miss you so…."

She looked out the foggy window and let a delicate tear run down her porcelain face, "It seems like it's been forever since you've been gone…So come back home."

Trudging through the desert, his handsome face smudged with dirt, he was battered, filthy and hurt. Whispering and wondering, all to himself, "Some days I feel like sh-t, some days I wanna quit and just be normal for a bit."

He gripped the gun in his calloused hands and grimaces as the airplanes flies overhead.

She squeezed her eyes shut as she clamped her pale hands together, "I don't understand why you have to always be gone. I get along, but the trips always feel so long and…."

He prayed to the unhearing sky in a low husky whisper, "I want you to know, it's a little messed up, that I'm stuck here waiting, at times debating…"

"Telling you that I've had it, with you and your career, me and the rest of the family here…singing," she kissed the little golden locket that flickered in the dim candle light and looked out the window again, her breath weak, but hope so strong.

He jumped to the side, his body aching, his throat burning, the bullets just rain from the sky, " Where'd you go…."

"I miss you so," she cried into her pillow.

"Seems like it's been forever," he roared over the bombs, just to hear his own voice, his own thoughts and his own heart.

"That you've been gone…" she glanced to the bedroom door, her white blond hair, falling in ringlets against her thin cheeks, "Where'd you go?"

"I miss you so," he cried as he watched his companion fall to the Earth wounded, seeing his own fate.

"Seems like it's been forever, since you've been gone…." she leaned into her pillow, her heart thudding with pain of her illness and angst, "Please, come back home."

"The place where I used to live," his eyes watering from the sandy debris.

"But now, you only stop by ever once and a while," she laid on her side, her eyes growing weary because of the medication, "I find myself just filling my time….with anything…"

"To keep you out of my mind. I'm doing fine," he promised internally to himself and his love back home, "And I'm planning to keep it that way."

"And you can cry for me (call me), if you find that you have something to say," she cried in her hushed sleep, the nurses walking swiftly and solemnly in her room.

"I'll cry to you: I want you to know, it's a little mess up," he leaned next to the corpses, his voice coming out in ragged pants.

"That I'm stuck here waiting…." she murmured to the nurse, her blue eyes filled with unshed tears.

"At times debating," He threw a grenade over the side, watched it bounce off and exploded with gore, "Telling you…"

"That I've had it with you and your career," she watched with dismay as the nurses shook their heads and walked out of the room, leaving her in dead silence, " Me and rest of the family here, singing…"

At nightfall, he shivered in the cot, graphic memories raged within his head. Digging deep for his love, his only hope out of this nightmare, "Where'd you go?"

"I miss you so," she looked at her thin wrist that was slowly wearing away with each passing day.

"Seems like it's been forever," he groaned to the stars above that glittered with nimbleness.

"That you've been gone," she looked up at the same teasing stars, feeling as if her heart was finally connected to something.

"Where'd you go?" They asked in unison, their voices unheard to each other but heard deep within.

"I miss you so," he clutched the photo of the smiling girl.

"Seems like it's been forever," she reached a dainty hand towards the door again, her heart quickening with grief, "That you've been gone…" She wrapped her arms around her knees as she sat up on the feathery pillows, "Please come back home."

"I want you to know…." he said, his eyes on the enemy.

"It's a little messed up," she gasped as her locket fell from her gentle grasp.

"That I'm stuck here waiting," his fingers twitched and he walked forward, "No longer debating."

"Tired of sitting and hating and making these excuses!" she screamed, tears coming down rapidly from her crystal blue eyes, "For why you're not around."

"And feeling so useless," he raised his gun and aimed towards the unsuspecting civilian, lower lip began to tremble, "It seems one thing has been true all alone…"

"You don't really know what you've got…." her heart skipped a beat as she curled up in pain, skin burned as if it was on fire.

"I guess I've had it…." he pulled the trigger and heard the deafening shot rang through his ears.

"With you and your career, when you come back, I won't be here…." she sobbed, her breath quickened as the nurses rushed around her in frantic movements.

"And you can sing it…." the gun fell from his palms as he realized what he did, tears finally falling from his stress eyes and to the dried, parched Earth.

"Where'd you go?…" she moaned, her skin ablaze with the pain of all the years that have passed without him. Her body getting weaker, but her mind gets stronger, "I miss you so…."

"Seems like it's been forever," something pierced his chest and drove deep into his uniform. Blood springing from his mouth.

"That you've been gone…." her body convulsed as the doctor pricked a needle deep into her pale translucent skin.

"Where'd you go?" he finally fell to the ground, his body landing with a thump, "I miss you so…."

"Seems like it's been forever…" she cried loudly and clearly to the ceiling, her heart sputtered frantically, one last moment, one last time and her breath ceased, "That you've been…." Her back fell limply against the bed, her blue eyes unseeing….

He laid on the ground, his eyes began to close. The sun above began to hide behind a cloud as he muttered…

"Gone.." the doctor touched her delicate wrist.

Please come back home…..

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Where'd you Go by Fort Minor.

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