"Take that!" I hit one of the targets head-on a second after my finger pulled the trigger. Done! Next, the virtual reality game, I thought. I stepped onto the platform and placed the glasses over my eyes. Swinging at zombies with a sword was never a favorite hobby of mine, but then again … I'd just graduated and I was even in an illegal club so … why not?

Suddenly I heard a crash come from the entrance and I turned to see what all the noise was about. I froze, staring long enough to see that the silhouettes belonged to the police squad.

Everyone had started running towards the exits, desperate to escape, but the chaos just made everything worse. The police had already started arresting most of the people and were now going for the stragglers; I had hidden behind one of the columns in the corner. I didn't want to be arrested the first day I got out of school. Getting put in jail at sixteen wouldn't be good if I ever decided to go to college later.

Silence had fallen over the club, and the only light was streaming from the still-opened door. By now most of the people had gotten away or were in police cars.

Suddenly a hand clamped over my mouth and my body was crushed against another, tall one. I struggled helplessly, trying to get free. The person holding me turned me so that I was facing them; hold my arms in front of me.

"Oh God, will you relax already? I'm not going to turn you in," a male voice exclaimed. The firm hand that had gripped my wrist released me as a police officer approached us.

"Who's this?" The officer gestured towards me. I opened my mouth, unsure how to respond, but was cut off by the man beside me.

"She's a new recruit that arrived here early to alert us." The officer nodded his approval and stalked out.

I stood, gaping at the guy beside me until he dragged me into the blinding sunlight.

Outside, the man and I were met by several boys that were standing in the door way. "Let's go, guys," he said, tugging on my arm.

I stiffened "What are you talking about?" I demanded as I clasped my bag closer to me. He slung an arm around my shoulders, leading me to a car that I assumed was his. I turned and tried to run as he unlocked the door but he grabbed my wrist and pushed me inside anyway.

As we drove, I looked out the window to avoid meeting the eyes of my kidnapper. I watched the buildings and homes I'd grown up around disappear behind us, giving way to dark and grungy buildings I'd never noticed before, hidden behind our town's carefully-manicured lawns and stores. Those quickly faded as well, and behind them were grassy fields, empty except for a few lonely cows.

The house he finally pulled up to was run-down, covered with tendrils of ivy that snaked around the building like strangling arms. I was — again — pushed out of the car and led into the house.

"So," the man said as the others dropped into chairs around the living room. "What's your name?"

I set my mouth in at thin line, and my eyes narrowed. I paused. "Evelyn," I answered grudgingly.