What is a window?

An opening in a wall in which light passes through, and allows airflow?

Well, yes and no.

It could be the screen of a TV show,

A way to watch the world ebb and flow,

Or admire the changing seasons, nature's fashion show.

When you sit behind (or in front of) that piece of glass you watch a filmless video.

Sometimes, a window is not a TV show.

Instead, it is a picture, that, when in light, it casts an ethereal glow.

The colored glass is as stunning as any rainbow

No matter the photo.

It could be a flower or a pharaoh,

Maybe a dragon or a sparrow.

A window is so much more than a window

Never forget this info

Because you won't always be busy so

When you're bored, sit down, relax, and look out the window.