---SICK of Being in Love---

When you first came my way

I wondered if I could make you stay

But I was still mad for another

And now it's slowly killing me

At the same time, you are entering

Thoughts of you my heart starts centering

I know I cannot let this happen

There's something better I'm trying to see

Still, I can feel it pulling me in

Trying to make me fall again

I will never let you know

Because I must let it go

I'm sick of feeling way too much

I am sick of being in love

No, I can't-this isn't fair!

I have already been there

I don't need to feel more pain

I need a way to be sane

I'm scared you would leave me, broken-hearted

Though I already was before this started

I don't know; just need a break

From this war of love and hate

You will break my resolve

You will cause me to dissolve

But here I know, I have a choice

Just need to find my inner voice

And scream at me to never let you in-

Only then can my healing begin.