Prologue: Within The Nightside's Eclipse

Under the glass, reflective, moonlit sky, which was partially veiled by a cluster of clouds, happened to lay the metropolis known as Cousier City. As it was however, no one would dare say it had even been close to bustling, or a metropolis. Its buildings lay in ruin, its streets riddled with fire, debris, and strewn with mangled corpses. The corpses seemed to be the denizens of the destroyed city, and yet, all the same, they looked distinctly inhuman. All of this was uncertain, however, and the news helicopters circling overhead the crackling fires, the bloodied corpses, and the ever rising stench of death, tried desperately to catch a glimpse of the biggest story of the year.

"This is Tiffany Mendocca at Channel Three News! It seems as if war itself has erupted in here!" A female news reporter spoke, almost inaudible against the helicopter's rotating blades. In the midst of talking, the woman attempted to brush several loose strands of red-blond hair from her well-tanned face. She was disgruntled to have to put her professionally styled hair inside of a musty, used helmet - she would take note to complain to her boss later.

"As you can see," she paused, taking a short breath, "there doesn't seem to be any survivors! We at Channel Three will keep you posted, but you --"

The woman cut herself off. Every person within the news helicopter saw it as well - she knew from their reactions, which didn't help her now-fragile psyche much. The camera man - whose jaw had literally dropped so much, that if it wasn't hinged, it would've easily fallen on the floor - zoomed in on the beholding sight. On a rooftop, which seemed to be crumbling beneath its own weight, stood two figures - they were unconventional shadows against a pitch black sky, as the clouds now completely veiled the moon. Still, the camera man kept his focus on the rooftop, catching nothing but shadows edging against shadows.

"Take us closer!" Tiffany ordered the pilot, who seemed to be lost in his own stupor over the sight. Upon hearing the reporter's shrill command, he swerved the helicopter closer towards the rooftop. The ever-closing figures slowly transformed into the shaded hues of humans - and yet, inhuman all the same, akin to the corpses that they had seen earlier. The figures appeared to be dueling, focused solely upon one another - an honorable settle to a much greater occurrence, no doubt. Tiffany's blue eyes followed their speed - like lightning bolts cast from heaven, in human form. They moved with striking similarities with one another, but still, all they could see were outlines of movement.

"Closer!" She shouted again - the pilot shot her a surprised glance, but even so, he knew from experience that he couldn't argue with that woman. With shaking hands, he reluctantly swiveled the helicopter even closer - Tiffany glanced back at her faithful cameraman, who was eating up every moment of the figures' combat. His eyes had been lit up like two fires, and a large grin formed underneath his black goatee. He didn't even so much as gaze Tiffany's way - just what she wanted. Again, as they seemed to inch closer, and closer towards the building, everyone's eyes were completely focused, and unblinking; they were all frightened at the thought of missing even a single millisecond of the duel.

By now, it was easy to see the features of both figures - one had medium length red hair, resembling the crimson of blood, and was dueling with a Japanese sword. The other, similar to the first, was also dueling with a Japanese sword, but his hair was cut much shorter, and was as black the sky above them. Their skin-tones seemed to be a perfect match, both were heavily pale, and their body structure also similar - almost completely without any fat or muscle at all - just what was the purpose of the duel?

The two paused - they must have noticed the news helicopter as it practically circled above them by now. One, the black haired one, suddenly began a dead-on sprint towards the helicopter. This seemed to be nothing more than a pointless action to the denizens of the helicopter, but, without warning, the man dove right off the rooftop; the camera man raced from his seat, and teetered over the edge to see the man hit the ground. Much to his, and everyone else's surprise, he had completely disappeared - not so much hidden beneath the total darkness, but, he had vanished into thin air.

"You're distracting us," a dark, monotonous voice etched into their ears, before the feed was cut off - forever.