I've won the battle

But not the war

The winner

Hangs in the precarious balance

Of me


What I choose

Is all that decides

Which way we go

From here


The battle I have won

Was in the maze of

My own mind

Fighting the demons

That wanted me to waste away


But the war

Is how you feel

Your decision counts

But mine has the rule


The devil wishes me

To fail horribly

He wants me to pay

For the crimes I have committed

Even if I didn't know of them


Can you take me like that?

Will your decision take into account

The horrible things I may have done

Even by accident?


But the war has almost ended

For in your eyes, I see the thought process

You're letting me win

You're giving in

And then the war is done


Now all that's left

Is the bloody clean-up

Our fighting has ceased

But the demons await


They're on the sidelines

Planning the future

Now they hold the power

In their decision

And it might just ruin us