the breeze sings and old familiar tune,
one you and i sang on a sunny afternoon.

the words are a blur but the message is still clear,
i remember the feeling of my heartbeat in my ear,
the pounding of my chest was loud enough to hear,
you sang to me,
"you are mine dear,
and i'll always stay here
as long as you want me to,
because i love you.

now, i can't remember the verses left,
but my heart was throbbing in my chest,
and i just forgot to listen,
even though i really wanted to,
i was to wrapped up in you.

that twinkle in your eye was there,
beckoning me loving stare
and how could i resist?
no, i just could not resist.

i've started humming with the trees,
that song singing with the breeze,
and you just turn and say to me,
"you are mine dear, and i love you."