laterin a different dimension there was a world were the literal elements Fire, Water, Nature, Ice, Earth, and Electricity were the rulers of the world, and there world was getting taken over by an unknown force that no creature or being even knew about. So, the elements of this other world had to find out what or how to deal with it. So the rulers had to figure out what to do about it.

These creatures did not have a true shape, but they could morph at will, and they had to communicate by using telepathy. One of their days they found a wormhole and they had no idea what it was used for but two different elements (not rulers) decided to be curious and try to see what I did. They after a long while they decided to touch it and noticed that part of their body went into it but it did not seem dangerous so they went a the way through.

Later that evening Night went down to the beach which he had been to many times and tried to remember what had happened to him after