The Elements 2

Part 1

"I told you Night, im gunna end this now!" In a bubble a long way under water about 70 meters high and 70 meters long a battle rages on. Night who has his right half of his body covered in rock like armor and his left half of his body consumed in darkness and his opponent Depth panting of exhaustion with a look of fear in her dark blue eyes. All that was going through Depth's mind was how do I stop him. But she had no time since he kept coming at her. So she had no time to think all she could thing was how to block Night's blows which were getting harder and harder for her to block and soon she would be to tired to even move and she did not want to think what would happen after that. The rock armor was slowly consuming Night and the darkness was slowly growing on top of the rock. And soon there would only be a monster made of rock and darkness. So Depth could only try to hold off Night, so he could not start a rampage.

Mean while Icy had a hard time finding were Aries since she could not find Night just knew something was up and she also could not find Depth. So Icy went down to the beach since she had not looked there. She walked up and down the beach looking for Aries but only found kids and other teenagers and a girl who was swimming a long ways from shore. Then two minutes later she finally found Aries and he was sitting on one knee and his hands in the water directed to were the girl she saw earlier was.

Later a long ways under water Depth was becoming very week from her effort in trying to stop Night, and so the second she let her guard down Night launched her though the giant bubble and made it pop. Night was starting to lose his breath and the armor was starting to crumble off him, Depth on the other hand flew into a rock near the ocean's floor and she was losing consciousness, and at the last second she caught a glimpse of a girl, which Depth did not recognize, who was swimming towards Night who was getting dragged down toward the ocean floor since he had some chunks of the rock armor that had not come off still stuck on him. After that Depth went out like a light.

Part 2

The next day Depth was trudging back soaking wet to were the Elements always met by The Element Grove when she found Icy and Aries she said under her breath "were, is, Night." Aries and Icy exchanged looks "we have not seen Night for five hours" said Aries "where were you all this time Depth" worried Icy, "I was unconscious under water for that hold dang time. Where the hell were you! Never mind you obviously could not find me or Night, we should go look for him." "Fine." Said Icy.

As night was begging to regain consciousness he noticed he was not in the water or covered in sand but was tied down on a table but lose enough that he could move. But his vision was blurred he could make out a person which he presumed to be a girl cause of her long hair and he herd her ask what he remembered an Night replied "Nothing I don't remember any thing" and then he saw her arm reach to her right to grab something, but Night was unable to see what she went after until she had it hover over his arm and it looked like a needle of some kind, than before Night knew what hit him, he yelled out in pain and went unconscious.

Aries, Icy and Depth were out looking for Night for a long time and they later thought they should split up and lucky they did because Icy found him at the Royal bane Park as she was walking by one of the twenty-three park benches which she counted while trying to find him, and as she saw him, she started to run to him. But then she noticed that there was a girl that Icy had never seen before standing beside him. She had long brown hair with dark red eyes, and she wore red camouflage pants with a matching shirt and weird enough a matching hat. Night was wearing a shirt that was black and the left half brown and also with matching pants. Icy continued over to Night and asked who his friend was and Night replied "This is Flame" Icy repeated "Flame?" Flame ansered "yeah, So what's it to yah, who are you" then Icy replied "I'm Night's girlfriend" Then Night turned to her and said "How can I be your boyfriend if I don't even know you?"

"Night don't be so stupid, how do you not know me? We've known each other since grade six!" yelled Icy. "What's your name anyway?" asked Flame "I'm Icy, can I have a talk with Night for a moment?" "Fine" Said Night They walked about ten feet down the path in the park then Night asked, "how do you know me" Icy replied "Night what's with you! Why are you hanging out with this Flame girl?" "I don't know who the hell you are but how do you know me" just then Depth popped up behind Night and put her arm around his neck and said were the hell, were you Night. Night was looking at Depth as if he was struck with a knife and said "You know what this is to weird how people just know my name" and he walked over to Flame and started to walk away. "Icy what was that all about?" asked Depth. "Night has some how forgot about us." As she shed a few tears.

Later Icy and Depth were walking through the city, Icy was telling Depth about how Night did not know who she was. Until they heard a big smash and they looked in the direction that the smash came from and that moment they saw one of the apartment buildings was starting to tilt side ways. So the two of them raced as fast as they could over there to see what was happening. When they got about a block away from the actual building they saw Night half covered in rock like armor smashing the side of the building trying to make it collapse. Depth shouted "Night you Idiot what are you doing" Night did not pay any attention so she ran up to him and grasped both of Night's arms but then Night saw what she was trying to do and so he used her and through her toward the side of the building, but luckily Icy caught Depth before she would of split her back into two pieces.

Just as Icy and Depth got up Flame was standing right in front of Icy then she put her arm on

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The Elements Book 1

Night- Earth


Male, 18, Green Eyes, Brown Hair, Fast, Likes Icy, Team With Icy

Icy- Ice

Female, 17, Green Eyes, Red Hair, Fast, Has Crush On Night, Team With Night

Depth- Water

Female, 16, Blue Eyes, Dark Brown Hair, Strong, Likes Night, Team With Aires

Aires- Air

Male, 18, Light Green Eyes, strong, Team With Depth

The Elements Book 2

Flame- Fire