My poetry?

That's a good one.
My writing isn't terrible,
it's mostly passable.
Certainly not worth the love
of everyone.

flatters me with
her praises.

I may be good,
but not that good.
How could the world enjoy
my endless ravings?
Or the outpouring of
my problems?

There is no bravery
on the internet.
There is no bravery in
being sad or lonely or scared
where no one can hurt you.

So what if I am honest.
Dear internet,
you're the only one who knows.
And none of you know me.

Cynabunny is this girl who likes me on RPGChat. She can't just love me because I'm a good poet, can she?
I mean, love is a mix of horomones and such.

Love isn't poetry written by a girl you don't know.