The man inside my heart

by Anna Quist

I never much listened to the man inside my head. My Jimminy cricket, the angel and devil guy. He never meant much to me. In fact, I think in my DNA make up, he was left out. I followed the man inside my heart.

The one that tells you, instant gratification. Just do it, what comes will come, no matter what. And come to think of it, I have always done pretty much what I wanted when I wanted. Which often led to trouble of some sort, but that thirty – seconds of fun, was the highlight for that hour.

My greatest fear, is listening to my head before my heart and missing out on the best thing thats ever happened to me.

It's probably one of the most cheesy lines anyones heard of, but it's true.

Say you meet this amazing wonderful guy, but because your head tells you think logically girl, you don't know who he is, where he's from, what his name is, what there like, you miss out on the chance to maybe meet the best damn thing.

But if you had listened to your heart, you would have thrown all that into the wind – or like me, just mute that annoying voice so you never heard it anyways – and before long you'd know, his name, where he grew up, what his hobbies are, if he like fondue'. Before long, you would know all the important things.

Or you feel like doing five twists in the air, without a spot...

Or doing cartwheels down stairs....

Jumping off buildings,...

Driving fast...

Attempting to bend in ways, people aren't meant to bend in.

Hell, whats life without a little livin'?

I'm not saying, go get into a car with a perfect stranger, or get together with that creepy guy who stares at you. I'm saying, if there is something you want to do. Don't put it off until later, do it now!

Now is the opportune moment.

I don't know how I will die, or when, I just know, in the end...

We'll kiss ourselves good bye.