we're dancing around the word,
is it because awere afraid of the commitment?
are we afraid that we're too young?
are we worried just simply on how the other will react?
i'm young and i know this,
everyone was young once.

i adore you he says.
i'm mad for you he says.
crazy for you he says.

why can't you just say you love me?

dear, i know the words you say are out of honesty.
darling, i just can't stand the lack of proper vocabulary.

i know i'm not saying it either,
and what a hypocrite i am
i'm complaining to you
while i'm doing the same.

maybe i'll find the same things you've written to me.
in pathetic attempt to force words in my mouth.

what i am rambling about?
i'm lucky to have you.
i take you for granted.
i just want to keep you.

it'll take time
i think we can survive it,
though i'm not much a planner,
i'm a dreamer, and i dream of you often.