1Escape To My Lady Fair




The sound of my breaths, quick and shallow as they reverberate through my chest are among the only few sounds I hear. My chest is pounding as I dash through the endless night, frantic and wild, fearing to look behind me.

"Don't look back, don't look back, don't look back!!!!" screams my mind as I tear relentlessly through bushes and weeds in some unknown forest. The shadows will engulf me forever if I dare to do so.

I pause.........silence all around me, if but for a moment.

Another moment.

And yet another.

".......Freedom....?" My eyes widen at the notion ringing in my mind.

"D....do my shadows and fears no longer torment me? AM I no longer to spend my nights in an endless pit of blackness and despair?!" Years of torture and doubt have wonderfully served their master well, as my head tries to wrap around the mere concievability of newly achieved re-introduction into the world I once knew.

"This can't be? What nonsense do I sense here then? Some trickery? Another feeble hallucination to douse my misery in a numbing bliss?"

No......no longer.

This is real.

My whole body stiffens as I hear a sound from up ahead.

Did someone hear me?! Will I be discovered once more and locked away again....never to return?

I listen intently now, ducking behind a nearby obtrusion; a large clump of shrubbery as it were.

A soft sound, melodious in nature, floats around me, beckoning me on further from my place of hiding.

I inch forward.

It is a song. A sopranous cantation that melts in my ears, bringing tears to my eyes at the beauty of its sound, though I do not yet understand the words.

Slowly but surely I make my way towards the source of this wonderous melody; my surroundings become bathed in a growing light, the emits a soft and pale glow.

Like moonlight.

Moonlight.....I haven't seen it in ages.

I gaze up..........and my eyes open wider than they've ever been at the sight above me.

Heavens. All over the place. And the moon hangs full and bright over an opening just feet away from where I am crouched.

The stars sparkle like diamonds on a navy ballgown, glittering in the sky as if heaven herself were dancing; twirling around effortlessly in her dress of night.

But a sight more beautiful than anything awaits me as my vision moves back down to earth.

A lone, slender figure, dressed in a pale creme frock, spins and twirls in the moonlight. Her hair is long, reaching down her back in soft light waves; but her face is turned away as she dances along, frolicking gracefully like a garden pixie.

As she continues with her midnight waltz, the gown she dons billows out with every step, hugging the curves of her body like a lover's embrace, but only for a moment as her moves are quick and light, never staying in the same place for more than a second.

This goddess of the night stops for a moment, tilting her head back as she finishes her solitary tango, and releases a celestial hymn of notes that brings me to my knees sobbing with a mixture of emotions I can not yet describe.

The sweet melody stops, as does my heart.

She has seen her audience, and I fear that she will run...yell and scream....something that will surely bring wrath's judgement upon me at any given moment now.


I duck my head, waiting for the hammer to fall.

Still nothing.

Cautiously, I lift my gaze back up to glimpse that she is now gone from where she once stood.

".....I knew it..." I think to myself....blaming it on delirium.

A soft hand touches my shoulder from behind, and I all but yell in shock as I tumble around on myself to see who is there.

".....I.....it..can't be." My lip quivers as a wreckless fountain of tears threatens to overtake my being. I fight it with all my strength, and can only stare at the vision of pure beauty that stands before me.

Her tender face, pale and fragile as china, embellished by a pair of soft silvery jade eyes, and tender pink lips that can tell the secrets of the world in song.

Recognition strikes me then. And I can no longer believe my eyes.

"......My....my lady?" I stutter, my eyes wide with wonder and simultaneous fear that I may still be dreaming.

"Yes my love?" She replies with an angelic voice that melts my soul instantly. "Where have you been? I thought you'd left me...."

"........My lady..." the emotions boiling inside me begin to spill over, and my whole body trembles with the effort to hold it all back. "....please do not hate me." I ask once, then duck my head in shame.

She laughs; a tiny giggle that sounds like choir bells on a spring morning.

"Of course not." She replies cheerfully, her gaze washing over me as if to study my previous whereabouts. "But you're such a mess." says my lady, taking my face in her hands.

".......my apologies......my Lady Fair." I choke out, then fall forward sobbing uncontrollably; while my Lady comforts me gently, wiping away my tears.

Then she smiles like I've never seen her smile before - a smile just for me.

"Do not worry love. Everything's perfect now." She says, patting my cheek with the back of her palm, then running her fingers through my hair.

"I love you....my Lady." I manage to find my voice once more, beaming brightly back at her; joy once again filling my formerly empty soul.

And she just smiles, holding my hands in hers.