Short & Sweet One-Shot, Fluffy

by Karahly

Main Idea: Boy and girl are best friends. Boy and girl fall in love. The end. (No, it's not that cliché).


-MC and her best friend must called each other "T-Rex" and "Princess" or "Princess Barbie" due to how they met.

-They have coed sleepovers.

-They must have a "thing" that is exclusively theirs (i.e., sitting on the roof outside MC's window watching the stars or something equally corny, but cute)

-Must include the following dialogue: "Um, don't you think we're a little too old for coed sleepovers?" "Actually, I was under the impression that we were a little too young." "Guys have sick minds, you know that?" "Yet you still manage to sleep with them." "Sleep WITH, not SLEEP with. Or SLEEP with, not sleep WITH. Whichever one involves 100% N-O sex involved, got that?

-A Ford Mustang

-A vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top


-Awkward silences. Remember, they're best friends.

-Using the words "awkward silence".

-Staring into each other's eyes.

The moment I heard the door to my room open, I groaned and covered my head with a pillow, "Don't you dare say it!"

"I told-"

"Ah! I said don't-" But I never got to finish my sentence, the pillow I had used for cover was yanked away from my struggling fingers and a cold hand was placed on top of my mouth.

"T-Rex you have got to learn when to accept defeat." My best friend of eleven years whispered in my ear, his voice inflected with barely suppressed laughter, "At this rate I'm going to be broke before I even accept my first college loan what with buying you dessert and what not."

Our friendship was such that I did not even hesitate before biting a finger of his hand and regaining my freedom.


"That's what you get you bloody Princess." I smirked and rolled my eyes when he stuck out his lower lip in a pout.

Andy Logan, otherwise known as Princess, was not fooling anyone with that face or, at least, not me. Even at the tender age of 7, when we met, I had perceived how very much like a drama queen he was and, a few years later, I had also called him out on his high maintenance personality. Not surprisingly my subtle teasing soon morphed into blatant mockery only a best friend can dish out by calling an otherwise very manly boy a Princess.

"You really are a terror to behold, you know." Andy finally muttered glaring at me. "A bloody dinosaur, T-Rex. A bloody dinosaur who is not getting the ice cream I brought for cheering purposes with my hard earned money!"

Okay, so I caved at the mention of ice cream. "T-Rex" I may be to him but I cannot grudge him treating me like anything but a queen. Carly, my older sister, was horrified when Princess started calling me the nickname (in honor of his bulldog T-Rex with whom he claimed I shared a temper)but I knew better. In fact, only I knew how sweet Andy could be to me.

"Ah, so that's why your hand was so cold."

He winced.

I frowned.

"Princess is there anything you would like to tell me?"

Andy had the dignity to blush, "Well, you know how I always drive Sean's Mustang over to the creamery to pick up a gallon of vanilla ice cream-"

"And the cherries!" I piped up, "You didn't forget the cherries did you?"

He smiled, "Of course not…so anyway, I drove the Mustang to the creamery and…erm."

My eye was twitching at this point. "Princess just spit it out."

"Liam was there and…uh…"

"Oh Andy tell me you didn't-"

He grinned sheepishly at me and shrugged. When I didn't react and he still couldn't find the courage to tell me what had happened, Princess slipped into bed with me with a sigh. "Hey, can I spend the night?"

"Um, don't you think we're a little too old for coed sleepovers?" I mumbled while spooning myself against his back.

A pause and then I could hear laughter bubbling in his chest, "Actually, I was under the impression that we were a little too young."

"Guys have sick minds, you know that?" They also avoid important questions but, what the heck, they also bring you ice cream when your ass of a boyfriend forgets your birthday or your one year anniversary or, like today, the date you had both planned to lose your virginity.

"Yet you still manage to sleep with them."

His reply jostled me out of my self-pity. "Sleep WITH, not SLEEP with. Or SLEEP with, not sleep WITH. Whichever one involves 100% N-O sex involved got that?

Suddenly he was pulling away from my embrace and sitting up in bed, "Yeah, T-Rex I get that. I do. Funny how it is your boyfriend who doesn't get that when you're not ready but completely forgets about you when you are."

I blinked back tears, his words stung. "Never mind, I-I changed my mind. You can't sleep over tonight Andy."

His eyes softened, "T-Rex I didn't mean-"

"Go away." My hands sought another pillow but his weight on top of me stilled my movements.

"I punched him and had to have my hand submerged in icy water because it hurt so much." Princess rested his forearm over my tummy and grinned, "But hell it was worth it. T don't kick me out…not tonight."

Surprisingly I was not angry at Andy. Actually I was pleased that Liam had been hurt, he deserved it and Princess he…

My thoughts trailed off as I felt his chapped lips kissing my cheek chastely, "Princess what are you doing?"

"Our thing, 'member?"

Actually I did. It was our special way to comfort each other ever since we were little kids. When his grandma died a few years ago I kissed his hand, when my dog was run over a few years after that he kissed my forehead, and so on and so forth…but for once I wished he was doing it randomly… maybe just because he wanted to.

"So can I stay?"


And then he kissed my lips.

I blinked.

"Princess what are you doing?!

His smile widened as I hadn't even tried pulling away, my arms linking over his neck instead. "Our new thing…" He whispered kissing me again and reaching by the side of my bed to turn the lights off.

"I'm into re-writing tradition."

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