Friendships deteriorate.

It's yet another harsh fact of life.

No matter how hard you try and cling to the equilibrium, it changes; dramatically or subtly over time – the enemy no one can win against.

Learning to say goodbye is a lesson no one truly masters. So we fake it. We'll cry, we'll laugh, we'll reminisce and in hindsight, everything seems so silly, more precious and almost ironically sadistic enough to make you wish you could relive every single moment. Almost. Not quite.

For all the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the moments when you feel as if you've been obliterated into another galaxy, different people will stand by you, watching; anxious, scared or fascinated, even repulsed. Different arms will catch you, some comforting, others punishing. Circumstances dictate each event and in doing so, the consequences are always bittersweet.

Five years is a fleeting glance and yet seems like a lifetime.

There will always be a constant flow of people coming in and walking out through the doors. Open, closed or halfway shut. They'll pound, they'll knock and some will even barge in without looking.

There are many definitions for a true friend. A real friend. A best friend.

Sometimes, it ends without warning. Painfully, brutally, unforeseen. Other times, you can sense it, and launch into deep denial, trying to delay the inevitable, pushing yourself to make an effort, knowing that the end result will still remain unchanged – utterly hopeless.

It doesn't hurt. Not for me. I expected this.

But because I've known you, my life has been changed forever.

I am no longer the girl you once knew.

You are no longer the same person I thought you were.

It's not goodbye.

Not yet.

But the time is near.

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