Childhood Friend (Get Well Soon)

Childhood Friend (Get Well Soon)

By: Marissa Fiona South

Day by day

I hold your heart in my hands

Your sickly needs

Crush my soul in an instance

And the pain

That our God chose for you is ceaseless;

I've lost my faith in religion

But in you, I'll still believe.

As human as an angel

As calm as an ocean

"Will you act out my dreams?"

Well, why should I bother?

The world without you

Is a sky without distance;

Please take my hand

And learn to smile again.

Time goes by in memories

That fade like old videos

I try to pause your healthy days

Yet our movie cannot rewind.

I imagine a future

Where you can reach for the stars with me;

Drinking up perfect lives in lies

Are my useless fantasies.