-Cotton Sheets-

-Momen no Shikifu-


-By: Yuki Kinomi-

Created: 10/5/07 Finished: 1/11/09 (yeah I know. I'm lazy.)

© Copyright. Foxtrot Productions; Yuki Kinomi. 2007-2009 All Rights Reserved.

"Kirome! You're going to be late for school!" A middle-aged woman called up to her teen-aged son, who was still sleeping up in his room. "Hurry up and get out of bed, you lazy boy!"

"Uhn~…" The blue-haired uke rolled his way out of bed and sluggishly got dressed in his school-issued uniform. "Ok, ok…I'm up, and I'm going…" Grabbing his schoolbag, Kirome pulled his shoes on and slipped his way out the door; running quickly to his school before the gates were closed. He slipped his small body through with ease.

Subatari Kirome was a small boy, smaller than most his age. Kiro was seventeen and late for his third-week of Junior year. High School was 'a pain' in his words; his best friend, Hirokoshi Makoto, would say differently.

"Yo, Kiro!" The said Makoto hopped down from a tree. "I'm skippin' class, wanna' join?"

"Nah, Ma-kun. Mom would kill me."

"Suit yourself…you're gonna' be missin' out on all the fun!" Makoto climbed back up in the tree, as Kiro hurriedly scrambled into the school building, running quickly to his classroom.

"I know, I'm late!" He slipped into the room, only to see that his teacher and fellow students were not there. "Wha? Where is everyone?" He looked about the room. Everyone's schoolbags and things were still there…but where was everyone?

"You. Kid with the orange backpack." A deep voice startled Kiro, making him jump. "Why're you here?" The boy slowly turned around…

Standing in the doorway was a rather tall and handsome man. His hair was at a medium length, and cut into beautiful red layers. His eyes were a calm cerulean, yet they had a hint of mystery and angst to them. The tall man was definitely older than Kiro, maybe not by much, but the boy knew it was old enough for him to not be in High School.

"Ah! You scared me, sir! I'm so sorry!" Kiro bowed. "Uhm…do you happen to know where this class went to?"

"They had a field trip today, stupid." The man walked forward, closer to Kiro. "You missed it because you were late. Sit down." Kiro did as the man said, not wanting anything bad to happen; he sat on top the desk.

"Uhm…I don't mean to be rude but…who are you?" The boy stuffed his backpack under the desk he sat on, and looked up to the man.

"Name's Watanabe Kaisuki…" The redheaded man wrote it down on the chalkboard. "Toukiware-sensei asked me to guard her room for the day…apparently I'm babysitting too."

"Oh…uhm…I'm sorry. I don't mean to be a bother, Watanabe-san."

"Whatever." Watanabe shrugged, and sat on the desk next to Kiro. "What's your name, kid?" The man tied his hair back in a small ponytail.

"Uhm…I'm Subatari Kirome. Everyone calls me Kiro…"

"Kirome…isn't that a girl's name?" He smirked at the boy's reaction.

"Well…uhm…well, so is Kaisuki!"

"That's why I make people call me Kai…sounds better." Kai grinned. "You're face is red, by the way."

"Wha?!" Kiro's hands moved and covered his face. "This is your fault, Watanabe-san!"

"Hey! Not my fault, and call me Kai for god's sake! I hate my family name."

"Is too your fault! And it's disrespectful to call someone older by their given name!" The boy's face grew even more red…Kai had jumped up off the desk he sat on. One leg's knee had gone between Kiro's legs, making the boy's right thigh go between the elder's own legs. Kai's hands went down, one on the desk's top, the other on the seat; his nose touched the other's, and his sapphire eyes gazed into the boy's emerald.

"Call me Kai, before I do something that just might make me get arrested." He paused, noticing the blush on the boy's face. Kai smirked, and chuckled lightly. "What? Ohh…I see what you're thinking! You thought I was going to take advantage of you, molest you, eh?" He laughed again. "You're like what…fourteen?"


"Wha? Really?" He smiled evilly. "Well, in that case…" Kai scooted his right knee forward even further so that it bumped lightly against the boy. "You're only…three years younger than me…" He licked Kiro's cheek.

"Ahh~" Kiro's blush grew again. "Watanabe-san! Please, stop~"

"Not until you call me Kai…" Keeping that evil grin of his, the elder male took his left hand off the seat, placing it gently on the boy's right hip. His nimble digits fingered their way under Kiro's uniform shirt, moving upward towards Kiro's chest. "What's my name?"

"W…Watanabe-san." Kai chuckled.

"Hehe, you must really like this, Kiro-chan." The redhead's left hand found it's way to the boy's shirt-buttons. The shirt came open, revealing Kiro's beautifully pale skin. His hand slowly moved over the boy's stomach and chest. "What's my name?"

"K…Kaisuki~" Kai's hand moved to the small of the boy's neck.

Ooo~ so close, Kiro-chan. But not quite…right." The elder leaned his head in, softly licking at the boy's lips. "What's my—"

"K…Kai!" Kiro shouted, turning his head away. "Your name…is Kai." Kai still smirked.

"Now that's what I call a lesson well learned." The elder smiled innocently, and slid off the boy. "You might want to button your shirt. Bell's gonna' ring." Quickly, Kiro pulled himself together, and did so. The bell rang, just as Kai had said it would. Kiro ran as fast as he could, away from that classroom.

"What the hell was that all about…?" Kiro said to himself, as he walked home along the ever-darkening street. He put a hand to his chest, feeling like his heart was going to explode any second now. "…Calling an elder by his given name…how disrespectful…" He paused, and stopped walking momentarily. "…Kai…" Shaking it off, he started up again, and headed home.

The next day, Kirome made sure he wasn't late for class again. After all, he didn't want anything that happened the day before, to happen again. Taking his seat in Toukiware-sensei's class, the teacher began to speak.

"Good morning class!" She wrote a few things on the board…Kai's name was still there. "First off, I'd like to introduce you all to our new student teacher!" Kiro's ears perked…he had a bad feeling about this. "Watanabe-san, all the way from Hokkaidou! Let's give him a warm welcome, students!"

"Ah~ thank you very much, Toukiware-san!" The bad feeling was right…Kiro sat, mouth gaped, and eyes wide as the tall, handsome redhead walked in though the sliding door. The tried his damnedest to look away, but was unsuccessful. Kai's piercing blue eyes drew him in, staring…just staring, with a smile on his face. Kiro gasped, all the breath had left him. He passed out, hitting the floor next to his desk with a loud thud. The last thing he remembered hearing was panic all around him, and a calming, deep voice saying something that was unclear to him at the time…everything went cold and black after that.

Kirome awoke to the bright lights of the Infirmary, and a smooth disembodied female voice.

"Subatari-san." The voice called out, almost angelic. "Subatari-san, are you awake?" His eyes opened, everything was still fuzzy, and the nurse was talking to someone behind the curtain. "He's awake now…Oh no, he should be fine…Uh-huh…Oh, he just had a minor panic attack, you're welcome to go see him now…Mm-hm, thank you for bringing him in!" She smiled and walked off.

"Yo, kid." The owner of the calming, deep voice stepped out from behind the curtain, standing next to the bed. "You gave us all quite a scare. You ok, Kiro-chan?" He knew that voice…

"W…Watanabe…?" Slowly, Kiro sat up. "W…what's…how…ugh, whatever."

"Uh-uh…what's my name?" Kai smirked as Kiro's eyes went wide.

"Y…you! Don't ever do that again!!!" Kiro gasped again, putting a hand to his chest.

"Woah, woah. Calm down, Kiro-chan." Worry filled those sapphire orbs. "Don't want you passing out again." Gently, he made the younger male lay back down.

"…Why did you do that yesterday, Kai…?" He didn't make eye contact, his gazed was ceiling. The elder pulled up a seat, sitting next to the bed.

"To honest…I really don't know why." He slid his hand over to the other's, holding it gently and keeping his own gazed to their intertwined fingers. "But right now, that doesn't matter. Are you ok? You seemed very winded…"

"Yeah…" Kiro's hand tightened around the elder's. "I've had problems like this since I was little…I forgot to take my medicine this morning…"

"Since you were little?" Kai finally looked up. "What's wrong…?"

"Yeah. I get winded and dizzy very easily…that and my blood pressure is really low, so whenever I get excited or nervous, my heart can't take it and I pass out, or get very close to doing so…my medicine doesn't really get rid of it though. It just kind of makes it easier to deal with…"

"I'm sorry…" Kai's grip tightened on Kiro's hand.

"No need for you to apologize, Kai." Kiro smiled sweetly at the redheaded man next to him. "Thank you for bringing me to the nurse."

"No thanks is needed, Kiro." Kai returned the smile. "Uhm…maybe I can give you a ride home?" He shrugged. "I saw you walking yesterday."

"Oh…uhm…Thanks, that'd be great." The younger male sat up again. "Well, I think I'm ready to go back to class now!"

"Kiro, class is over." The elder stood up. "You've been knocked out the whole school day…" The worry was still in his eyes.

"Again?" Kiro sighed, and hopped out of the bed softly. "I hate it when this happens…" He pouted, and followed Kai out the door, and to his car. "Mom's gonna' be pissed…"

"Still kind of hard to believe you're seventeen." Kai laughed lightly. "I mean, you're kind of small."

"Yeah, I know." Kiro smiled, and held a hand out the car's window. "I've always been smaller than everyone else. Mom said it was bad genetics."

"Hehe, bad genetics?" Kai smiled, keeping his eyes to the road. "I don't know…I kind of like your small frame…"

"So I noticed…" He brought his hand back into the car, and looked over to the elder. "…Are…are you gay, Kai?"

"…I'm not sure…maybe bi…what about you?"

"I'm confused…I don't know anymore…" The car stopped, and Kai looked over to Kiro. Kai put the car in park, and leaned over the center counsel.

"Would you like to find out…?" This time, both the elder and the boy flushed a light pink. Outside the car, it began to rain; light at first, but growing steadily heavier.

"I…I shouldn't, Kai…I'm sorry…" Quickly, the boy exited the car, and ran off into the rain…

"Kiro!!" Kai got out as well, and ran after him.

"What's going on?!" Kiro shouted to himself. "What's wrong with me…why am I running away from him?" He slipped, crashing front-first into a rather large puddle of water.

"Kiro!!" The boy looked up, only to be met with those piercing blue eyes again, "Kiro, come on! You're gonna' get sick!" He kneeled down, taking the fallen boy in his arms.

"Kai…I'm so confused…" The rain concealed his sobs.

"…So am I." They got back to the car, it was still raining, and they drove off. Not much later, the car stopped again. "Come on in, I'll get you some dry clothes while you call your mom, kay?" He moved off.

"K…kay…" Kiro stood shaking in the elder's apartment, as he used the shining, silver phone to tell his mother where he was at, and that he was ok; Kai came back out.

"Here…" He handed the boy some clothes, and a towel. "I know they're gonna' be too big but…it's all I have."

"…Thank you…" Kai directed the boy to the bathroom, where he could dry off, and change his clothes. Kiro came back out wearing an overly sized button-up shirt, and a pair of baggy pants.

"Here, I made some hot chocolate…" Kai had changed his clothes as well, and now stood in a baggy long-sleeved shirt, and some comfy pans; a steaming mug in each hand.

"Thank you…" Kiro took one of the mugs, sipping from it cautiously. "Mmm~ this is good, Kai." He smiled a little.

"Hehe, thought you'd like it…" The elder smiled, and sat on the couch; he patted the spot next to him. "Come sit, please." Kiro did so, setting the mug down on the coffee table.

"Thanks for the clothes and whatnot, Kai…" He looked about the apartment. "This is a nice place for a student teacher."

"No problem." He smiled still and sipped at his own hot chocolate. "…Eh, it's ok I guess. Not great, but it works." The elder sighed a bit, peeking out the window. "It's still raining pretty heavily out…"

"Can't go home yet can I?" He smiled, and adjusted the button-up shirt.

"Probably not for a while." Kai returned the smile, and looked over the boy. "Hehe, you look really cute in my clothes…" The younger male blushed.

"Uhm…thank you…?" His blush grew as the elder male moved closer towards him.

"I…I want you to know…" Again, Kai's nose touched the other's, and his left knee went between the boy's legs. "That I'm sorry that I did that yesterday and…" He paused, realizing what he was doing. Blushing deeply, Kai jumped back, landing on the opposite side of the couch from Kiro. "I…I am so sorry! I…I don't know what's wrong with me…I…"

"Kai…it's ok." Kiro smiled lightly, and crawled his way over to Kai. For a moment, he became just as Kai was…his right knee moved between the elder's legs, his chest lied against the other's, and the boy's hands rested themselves on the redhead's shoulders, closest to his neck. "I'm…not so confused anymore…"

"…Kiro…" Kai's arms wrapped around the boy's waist, resting lightly on the small of his back. He leaned his head in, gently pressing his lips to Kiro's. Thunder from the storm sounded, and the lights went out. Kai could feel Kiro's grip tighten on his shoulders, and his breathing speed up; his heart was pounding against his chest.

"Uhn…Kai~" Lightening flashed, allowing Kai to see the look of terror on the boy's face.

"Don't worry, Kiro." A smile was in his voice. "I have a flashlight somewhere…" His hand patted around.

"Ah~! That's not a flashlight, Kai~!" Kiro flushed a deep magenta.

"Hehe, I know…" He snickered. There was a clicking noise, and a beam of light shined it's way to the ceiling. "There we go, better?" Kai smiled as he saw some tears forming in the boy's eyes. "You didn't tell me you were scared of the dark."

"I didn't see a need to tell you…besides, it's kind of lame that a seventeen year old is afraid of the dark…" Kiro pouted.

"I actually find it quite cute…" Kai chuckled playfully, nibbling at the boy's pouting lip.

"Shut up, you're gonna make me blush again…"

"So? And what if I do?" Kai grinned. "My lil' sweetheart~" And of course, Kiro blushed deeply.

"K…Kai~!" He wiggled a bit. "Hush it~!"

"No~" He kissed the boy again, this time more passionately than before…

The storm carried on through all night, and most of the morning, finally clearing out by about ten o' clock Saturday morning. Kiro had awoken to an empty, sunlit bed, with the smell of cooking food floating about. Stumbling, he made his way from the back bedroom, to the kitchen in the front. There he found Kai cooking breakfast…in a floral pink apron.

"…What in the hell are you wearing, Kai?" Kiro tried so hard to hold in his laughter…but failed miserably.

"Hey!" The elder turned around, a skillet in one hand and a spatula in the other. "This just so happens to be my only apron!" he paused. "…My grandmother gave it to me…" Kiro laughed again, and sat down at the small kitchen table.

"Oh, well in that case…" He said jokingly. "It's soooo sexy!"

"Hell yeah, you know it!" Kai did a little pose, and laughed, dishing up the food. "What'd you say we go for a walk or something after breakfast?" Kai smiled. "Stop by your house to get some clothes that actually fit you."

"Sounds like a plan." Kiro grinned, and began to eat.

After breakfast, and like Kai had said, the pair walked down to Kiro's house—which surprisingly wasn't that far—to grab him some clothes.

"Hey, Mom!" Kiro and Kai walked through the door. "I dropped by to grab some clothes! My school uniform got wet yesterday, so I had to borrow some from Watanabe-san!" The taller male nibbled on the boy's ear for calling him by his family name; Kiro pushed him off, blushing.

"Oh, hey, Honey!" Kirome's mother walked in from the kitchen. "Ah~ this must be Watanabe-san!" She smiled and bowed. "Subatari Emiko, Kiki's mom." Kai held in his laughter at the nickname, and returned the bow.

"Watanabe Kaisuki. Please, just call me Kai." He smiled as well. "I'm a new student teacher down at the High School."

"Oh, well it's a pleasure to meet you, Kai-sensei." Emiko smiled, and nodded the two of them off. "Well, Kiki, hurry up and change…And you two have fun on that walk of yours."

"How did you—Oh, whatever." Kiro shrugged as his mother walked back to the kitchen. "Uhm…I'll be right back." Blushing, he smiled at Kai, and trotted up the stairs to his room. He found some jeans, and a nice, comfy shirt…he was in his boxers when he began digging for a decent pair of socks. Kiro didn't even notice that someone was coming up the stairs. "Ah-ha! Found you!" Grinning, Kiro threw the socks on his bed, and proceeded to pull his pants on.

"Kiki-chan~" The soothing deep voice chimed in, and slipped through the door.

"K…Kai~!" Kiro blushed, and tried to cover himself. "G…get out of my room~!"

"Oh, shush, Kiki~" He closed the bedroom door behind him. "You got to see my room~" Kai grinned and inched his way forward, making 'Kiki' back into the wall beside his bed. "You're so cute, especially when you blush like that…" Leaning down, he licked the boy's cheek. Kai moved his hand over Kiro's bare torso again, kissing him deeply.

"Kiki~" His mom walked in. "Packed you two some--" He eyes widened. "Oh...oh my, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...uhm..." She backed out of the room and went back down stairs hastily.

"M-mom! It's...it's not what you..." He pushed Kai off again. "Damn it, Kai! Why can't you just control yourself?!" Kiro pulled a shirt on and marched out of the bedroom, leaving the elder behind. "Mom! Mom, where'd you go?"

"...I...I'm so sorry, Kirome..." The red-head slowly made his way down the stairs.

"Mom! It's not what you think!" Kiro was in the kitchen with Emiko. "Mom, please, talk to me..."

"I...It's ok, Kiki. I mean...it is your life, you can do what you want to with it." Smiling, she stood up from the kitchen table and hugged her son gently. "Just...be careful, Kirome. I don't want you to get hurt again..."

"...Mom..." Kiro returned the embrace. "...Thank you..."

"...Kiro?" Kai's voice called from the kitchen door. "Kirome, I'm sorry..." The boy wheeled around, looking solemnly at the elder.

"No, it's ok...I'm sorry I snapped at you, Kai...I shouldn't have yelled at you like that..."

"Don't apologize, I deserved it...I should've controlled myself better..." Kai walked forward, taking the boy in his arms. " I am so sorry, Kiro..."

"...Apology accepted..." Kiro buried his face in the elder's chest, taking in his sent.

"Cool..." Kai smiled. "Now, how about that walk?"

"Yeah..." Kiro returned the smile and took the pack of food from his mother. "Thank you again, Mom...I...I really appreciate your acceptance."

"Take care you two." She nodded them out the door. "And don't stay out too late."

"We won't, Mom!" Kiro smiled and waved, locking digits with Kai.

"Thank you for the lunches, Emiko-san." Kai smiled and also waved...the door to the house shut slowly...Emiko slid down the wall sobbing.

"Wow...it's pretty nice out considering what happened list night and this morning." Kiro smiled and looked up to Kai.

"Yeah, it is." Kai looked around the park that they had wandered into, finding a bench in the shade, and sat down. "This looks like a good place to eat at." The elder smiled as his uke sat next to him, getting the homemade bento-boxes out of the bag they were in.

"Perfect spot." He handed Kai one of the boxes, opening his own. "Prepare yourself...my mom makes the best lunches ever!" Kiro grinned, breaking a pair of chopsticks apart. "Let's eat!"

"Hehe...let's eat." Not much later, the boxes were emptied, and the two sighed with relief. The food that Emiko had prepared was just as Kiro had said--delicious beyond all words; Kai had taken care of the bento-boxes in a near-by trash can, sitting back down next to Kiro on the bench.

"The Cherry Blossoms will be in bloom soon..." Kiro smiled, leaning his head on the elder's shoulder. "You should come with us this year. Me, my mom, dad, and sister all go to watch..."

"Sounds like fun." Kai returned the smile. "I haven't watched the Cherry Blossoms bloom in about three years." He slid a hand around the boy's waist.

"Wow, really? That's a long time, Kai~" He yawned.

"Tired?" he smiled warmly.

"A bit, yeah..." Kiro rubbed at his eyes, making Kai smile even more.

"Well, it is getting kind of late." Kaisuki stood, holding a hand out for the smaller one. "Perhaps we should be getting you home."

"Yeah..." Kirome pouted, taking the offered hand. The sky was getting darker as they made their way back over to Kiro's house. By the time they had actually gotten there, the streetlamps were beginning to turn on, sending moths and other assortments of insects flying and buzzing about the yellow-tinted lights.

"I will...see you Monday?"

"More than likely." Kiro smiled, standing up on his tiptoes to reach Kai's face.

"You're so short..." The elder smirked and allowed a small chuckle to slip past his lips. "I like it..." He pressed his lips gently to the younger boy's in a deep and passionate kiss. They stayed that was for what seemed like the vein of forever...their moment was ruined when the front door opened.

"Subatari Kirome!" A deep, older male's voice boomed, frightening the young couple to back quickly away from each other.

"D-dad?!" Kiro's face went red as he turned toward the door. "W-what're you doing home?"

"I got off work early today." the older man's face went cross. "What the hell were you doing?! I come out here to smoke, and I see you making-out with some Guy?!" He was still shouting at his son when Kiro's mother stepped up beside her husband.

"I told you, Shosai! But you didn't believe me!!" tears were forming in her eyes again. "I told you!"

"M-mom, D-dad...I..." Kirome was more confused than ever...but Kai knew exactly what was going on...he had, after all, gone through the same thing with his own parents. "Mom...I thought you...you lied to me...?"

"Go." Shosai's voice boomed again. Go! Get out of here!" Then, in the most vicious tone, he growled at Kirome. "You are not welcome here. I Have No Son."

Kai said nothing, just took Kiro by the shoulders, forcing him away from the house. The younger male was speechless--his eyes wide and mouth gaping--it was like his tongue had just been cut out. He wanted to scream--to curse not only himself and his parents, but Kai and God as well. But, alas, he could not...instead, hot, silent tears poured down his cheeks. They weren't even half-way down the walkway when the door slammed shut. The yelling between Kirome's mother and father continued louder inside. The couple froze momentarily in the walkway when they heard glass shatter--more yelling--crying-then...silence. Kiro tried to run--he wanted to burst through that door--but his legs were stiff; frozen solid.

"...Kiro...come on, we can't..." He paused, looking down to the boy, and lowering his voice. "...We can't stay here..." Kirome nodded, finally understanding why, and began to walk ahead of the elder. Kaisuki caught up to him, gently draping an arm his shoulders. They walked in complete silence back to Kai's apartment. It was then that Kirome finally spoke.

"...Kai?" He was sitting on the couch, wrapped up in a dark blue blanket.

"...yes, Kiro?" The elder walked in from the kitchen with hot chocolate in his hands again.

"What's going to happen to me now...?" His emerald eyes gazed up to Kai's sapphire for a moment before returning to look out the window. "I'm only seventeen...my parents have disowned me...and everyone's gonna know that I'm gay..." Kiro took a deep, shaky breath, and buried his face in the blanket. "...What am I going to do...?"

"...Kirome..." Sighing, Kai took a seat next to the younger male, placing the mugs on the coffee table. "...It's gonna be ok, Kirome. I promise you..."

"...You're just saying that..." Kiro took another deep breath, leaning into the elder's arms. "it's not gonna be ok, Kaisuki! It's not! I just know it..."

"I went...through this same exact thing, you know...my parents kicked me out when I was fifteen. They caught me and a 'friend'...uhm...experimenting." Kai let a smile slide. "Trust me, Kirome. Everything will be ok. I promise..."

"...Kai~" Kiro whimpered, sobbing into the elder's shirt. "Thank you...I...I..." He couldn't say it...instead he motioned his hands in the sign language his sister had taught him in elementary school. Pinky finger in the air--arms crossed over the chest--index finger pointing at the person or object. The elder blushed, knowing exactly what it meant...

"I...I...love you too, Kirome." Wrapping his arms tighter around the boy, he pressed themselves closer together--he kissed the young one's forehead. "...Kiro, you have a fever..." Worry consumed his gentle eyes.

"Probably just from crying so much..." He managed to mutter out of the older man's chest. "Don't worry yourself over me..."

"Too bad, I'm going to worry whether you like it or not..." smiling still, Kai picked up his young lover, gently carrying him to the back bedroom. "What you need is a nice, long rest..." He placed him lightly on the twin bed and covered him up. "I know, you've had a rough day...try to get some sleep. If you need anything, just tell me. I'll be right here at my desk...Ok?"

"...Ok..." Pulling the blanket over his head, Kiro curled up in a little ball and tried his best to get a good sleep...but failed. "Kai...will you lay with me...?" He was still hidden under the sheets of the medium-sized bed.

"...Yeah." Kiro heard some papers rustling, the desk's drawer shutting, then finally, the warmth of the other's body through the sheets. "...Can't sleep, sweetheart?"

"Uh-hmm..." The boy uncovered his shoulders and head, leaning into the other once again. "When will this end?"

"...When will what end, Kirome?" Kai tilted his head slightly.

"...This feeling in the pit of my stomach..."He shuddered, and a small whimper emitted from his throat. "...This feeling of complete unwantedness and loneliness...it's making me sick..." Kiro whispered the last four words, sobbing as he did so.

"...Soon, Kiro. I promise, it'll end soon enough..." The elder kissed his young uke lightly, moving himself under the covers so that he gently straddled the boy.

"K-Kai..." A deep, red blush consumed the uke's face, as he hesitantly wrapped his arms around his seme's neck. One thing led to another...the couple was breathing heavily, little beads of sweat rolling down their naked bodies. Kirome--little, seventeen year old Kirome--had lost his virginity, and to an older male, no doubt. But he didn't care what others thought now...he may not be wanted by his parents, but he knew he was wanted somewhere--not just somewhere but here. He was wanted here, with Kaisuki. There was a new feeling running throughout the boy's body and mind...was it love? or perhaps lust? Whatever it was, Kirome loved him even more for that.

"...Kirome..." The elder whispered to the now sleeping boy. "Kirome, you can't just go to sleep after sex...it's unsanitary..."

"I know~" He groaned. "I payed attention in Health..." The younger male slowly rolled over, his eyes half-shut. "...Ok, ok...stop giving me that look..." He pouted.

"Then get your ass out of bed and come take a shower..." Kai stood up out of bed, giving Kiro a good view of his rear-end. "After this shower, I promise you can go to bed."

"Ok~" He smiled tiredly, and followed Kai into the bathroom. Kiro was too tired to do anything, thus making Kai treat him like a living doll of some sort--washing, dressing him, and putting him to bed.

"Sleep well...my sweet Kirome..." Kai sighed, kissing the boy's cheek, and laying in bed next to him, an arm wrapped around his small waist.

Morning came quickly, and again Kiro awoke to an empty bed, sunlit yet again with the smell of breakfast. He got up, wearing nothing but one of Kai's shirts. Kaisuki, again, was in the kitchen wearing the same floral-pink apron from before.

"still a sexy apron..." He giggled jokingly, and sat at the kitchen table.

"Feeling any better, Kiro-chan?" Kai turned around dishing some eggs, bacon and some coffee to the boy.

"Yeah, much better..." He smiled embarrassingly, and poked at the eggs. "But...I feel a bit sick...stomach hurts..."

"Sorry...that's most likely my fault..." Kai flushed and took a seat across from Kiro. "...Should've gone easier on you last night..." Kiro almost choked on his egg.

"Uhm..." The uke flushed, and quickly changed the subject. "You're uhm...a good cook, Kai!"

"Uh...hehe, so I've been told..."

"So...Why're you a student teacher? I mean, you could be a cook somewhere!"

"...It's what my parents wanted me to do..." His face went solemn. "When they disowned me, I wanted to go against all of their previous plans for me...My dream career was to be a cook...dad never liked that idea, said I would never amount to anything doing that. I was already in college when I planned to go against them...but...I guess I didn't change my mind in time..." Kai shrugged lightly, placing their dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

"...That's kind of depressing..." Kirome stood from the table, stretching a little.

"Oh, while you were asleep, I stopped by your place to grab your clothes and stuff..." He pointed toward the bedroom. "They're in the closet back there..."

"Ah! Thank you, Ka--" he stopped, noticing something he didn't see before. "...Kai, is that a bruise?" he stepped forward a few places, leaning up to look at his lover's face.

"O yeah..." Kai chuckled nervously. "Turns out, your mom and dad don't like me very much..."

"Oh my God, Kai! What happened?! I knew my dad had a temper, but this?!" Kiro's face dismayed and filled with sorrow. "I...I am so sorry, Kaisuki...I am so sorry..."

"It's not your fault, Kirome. Don't worry about it, I'm fine..." He smiled. "I just need a bit of ice, and hope that the wound doesn't open up again."

"...After I get dressed, I'm going to fix that." he pointed up to the split bruise on Kai's left cheek. "I do want to be a doctor, after all."

"Ooo~ you never told me that, Kiro-chan." Kai grinned. "Kind of sexy...Dr. Subatari~"

"Oh, shut up, Kai." The boy laughed a little, and walked off to what he now called 'their bedroom' to change his clothes.

"...Yeah, yeah..." He frowned a little, grabbing an icepack from the freezer and placing in lightly to his cheek--he winced. "I'm sorry, Kirome...I think I only made things worse..."

Kiro walked back out to the living room roughly five minutes later. he had a long-sleeved red shirt underneath a light blue t-shirt with the design of a pink heart on it. His jeans seemed to fit oddly perfect, and his socks were incredibly white.

"Yo~" Smiling, he plopped on the couch next to Kai, a first-aid kit in hand. "Let me see it~" Kiro scooted his way forward, until he was comfortably seated in the elder's lap.

"I'm ready for my check-up, Doctor~" Kai grinned jokingly, and licked the boy's cheek.

"Kai~ come on~" He pouted. "Let me fix your cheek first~"

"Ok, fine~" he paused. "...Then can we play 'Doctor'?"

"...Maybe~" Kiro laughed a little, and opened the first-aid kit. "You're so odd sometimes, Kai~" Keeping his smiled, Kirome began to clean, and 'fix', for lack of a better word, the left side of Kaisuki's face. "Sorry if this stings..."

"Hnn..." Kai winced. "It's ok."

"Oh, I just realized..." Kiro started to put the supplies away. "What're you gonna tell people at school? About your cheek, I mean."

"Uhm...I...I don't know yet." he smiled. "I'll think of something convincing."

"Uh-hmm~ Sure you will, Kai." Kiro put the kit on the coffee table, and settled back down next to Kai.

"Hey! I will!" he pouted. "...Am I really that bad at lying?"

"...Yeah, just a bit." Kiro shrugged emphatically, and smiled.

"...Ah, well..." He sighed deeply, relaxing himself against the back of the couch, leaning lightly on his young lover. "...What'd you wanna do...?"

"...I dunno..." shrugging, Kiro drew in a deep breath and closed his eyes, resting his head on Kai's arm. "...Kai?"


"...Thank you..."


"...Taking me in...for understanding..."

"...No thanks is needed, Kiro..." Kaisuki took Kirome into his arms--engulfing him into a tight embrace. "...Things will get better from here..."

"...One can only hope..." The boy fell into a light sleep in the elder's arms; Kai followed soon after.

"...You must be anemic or something...always falling asleep." Kiro heard Kai laughed from inside his dreams, and he woke up. "It makes me sleepy too."


"Haha, finally awake, eh? You've been asleep for like four hours already."

"Wha...?" The small boy sat up groaning and rubbing his tired eyes with the back of his hand. "What time is it?"

"Oh, uhm...about one o' clock, I'd say. But that's just a rough guess, seeing as how I need new batteries for my clock."

"Oh wow..." He yawned widely and stood. "We should go do something...keep me awake."

"I know something that we can do~" Kai sang, and stepped towards the boy grinning.

"No, Kai~" Kiro pouted. "I don't feel like it."

"...Ok, I won't force you."

"...You're controlling yourself quite well, Kai." He smiled brightly up at the elder. "I'm proud of you!" Kai blushed and turned around quickly.

"Uh..r-right. You wanted to go somewhere?"

"Uh, yeah..." The boy cocked his head. "You ok, Kai?"

"Yup!" He turned back around, completely composed, and smiled as he pulled his over-shirt on over his white tank top. "Let's go!"

"Right." Kiro smiled in return and latched onto Kai's arm. "Where should we go though?"

"I don't care. Where do you want to go?"

"Anywhere. I just want to get out for a bit."

"Ok. Anywhere it is." Kai chuckled a little as they headed out the apartment door and to the sidewalk outside. They didn't go anywhere in particular...the park, the aquarium...no where really special. By the time they had gotten back to Kaisuki's apartment it was already dark enough for the streetlamps to turn on and shine their dull yellow light to the equally dull gray sidewalks. "Is your school uniform clean?"

"...Should be. I have like five pairs." He yawned, removing the light blue shirt from his body. "Why?"

"Tomorrow's Monday..." Kai hung up his over shirt, and removed his shoes, stepping in next to Kiro. "School, ya'know."

"...Oh, yeah..." He sighed, removing the red long-sleeved shirt as well, showing his beautiful, pale skin. "I should get to bed then..."

"Good idea..." Kai yawned and followed the boy the back bedroom where the younger of the two passed out on the bed. "Heh...poor kid..." He smiled and removed his own jeans, then the boy's, leaving him in his boxers; he climbed in bed next to him and covered up. "Good night, my love." He kissed the boys forehead and curled up close.

The sun rose above the horizon slowly, turning the sky from the dark indigo to a mild cornflower blue with colorful clouds; the alarm sitting on the nightstand sounded obnoxiously, and the older of the two sleeping groaned and rolled out of the bed, slapping the alarm roughly. He groaned again, and shook the small boy in an attempt to wake him as well.

"Five more minutes..."

"No, Kiro...get out of bed...we gotta get to the school soon..."

"...What time is it...?"

"It's six AM...get out of bed and get dressed."

"Kai~ I don't have to be at school until eight..."

"...Oh, well...come take a shower with me then."

"Uhn..." He groaned and buried himself in the soft pillow next to him. "I'm tired..."

"How can you be tired? You sleep all the time!"

"I'm not a morning person..." He yawned, and reluctantly sat up on the edge of the bed.

"I noticed." He smiled, and helped the boy up. "Come on. Might as well wake up the rest of the way."

"Yeah, I guess..." I sighed and pulled his boxers off, heading for the bathroom. "A shower sounds nice anyways."

"Yeah it does." Kai chuckled to himself as he watched the boy walk into the bathroom; he followed him. "Hey, don't start without me~"

"I won't." He laughed tiredly and turned the water on. "Come on, Kai. You're slow..."

"Calm down..." He stepped in the shower next to the small boy. "Better hurry...you're kind of slow at getting dressed."

"I am not!"

"Haha, so says you."

"Oh, shut-up."

"That's no way to talk to your teacher, Kirome."

"Haha! Teacher!"

"What's so funny?"

"I'm dating my student teacher!" He laughed, leaning on the shower-wall. "Eh-hehe...ow, soap in my eye!"

"That's what you get for laughing so hard in the shower." Kai smiled, and wiped the soap off the boy's eye. "Better?"


"You done?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Yeah." The elder reached over and turned the water off. He handed a towel to the boy, then wrapped one around himself. "Ok, let's get a move on."

"Right." He dried off, and pulled his school uniform out of the closet where it was hanging. "Ugh...I really don't want to wear this."

"Then don't." Kai was already half-way dressed.

"I have to. I'll get in trouble if I don't." He sighed, and got dressed in the said uniform. Black dress-type pants, a white tank top underneath a white dress-type shirt with a black and dark green tie, topped off with a lighter green blazer.

"I think you look quite adorable in it." Kai smiled and wrapped his arms around the boy's waist from behind as Kiro stared into the full-length mirror that was next to the closet door; he rested his chin on the the younger one's shoulder.

"Thank you..." He smiled and leaned into the man. "I think the teachers should have a uniform too. Just to make things fair."

"We have a strict dress code." Kai pouted. "I really don't want to wear this sort of thing five days out of the week." He motioned to his outfit consisting of dress-type pants similar to Kiro's, a light blue dress-shirt, and his tan-hued sweater-vest.

"I think you look really handsome in it..."

"I look like a nerd." He laughed. "Wait until you see me with my glasses on."

"You wear glasses?" Kiro smiled and turned to face him. "I wanna see!"

"Not right now."

"Aw, why not?'

"You'll see them today in class." He headed for the door, pulling his shoes on. "I believe I'm teaching today..."

"Yay!" He pulled his own shoes on, and headed to Kai's car. "I like it when you teach. Sometimes Toukiware-sensei doesn't make any sense."

"Oh, be nice to her." The elder smiled and started the car. "She's a good lady."

"Yeah. She's nice and all but..."

"I know, I know. 'She doesn't make sense sometimes. "Hehe..."

"Yeah..." Kiro sighed, and the car sped off down the street to the school. "Well...I'll see you class in a bit. I have to go get some stuff out of my locker and change my shoes...and all that jazz."

"Right." He pecked him lightly on the cheek. "Don't be late for class."

"Haha, I won't. Watanabe-sensei." Kiro smiled and walked off towards the lockers while Kai hurried to the classroom to get ready.

"Yo, Kirome!" Makoto called out from his usual place in the tree at the front of the school; he jumped down. "Where've you been, man? I called your house, but your folks said you didn't live there any more."

"Yeah, cause they kicked me out." The boy grimaced a little, and headed for the rows of lockers at the front.

"They kicked you out?!" The blond double-shuffled to catch up to the boy. "What the hell for?"

"It's a long story, Ma-kun..." He sighed, changing his shoes and grabbing some things from the locker. "I'll tell you later, ok?"

"Yeah, ok." Makoto closed the locker door and watched Kiro walk away. "See ya later, man!"

"You too, Ma-kun." Then boy hurried to class, and got there just as the bell rang. "Awesome. Not late." He restrained himself from doing a victory dance in front of the class...

"Welcome to class, Subatari-san." The melodious voice said smiling. "Please take your seat."

"Uh...Ka-- I mean, Watanabe-sensei." He nodded and went for his desk. "R-right."

"Ok class, Toukiware-sensei is taking a little break from teaching this week. I will be teaching instead while she watches and evaluates from the teacher's desk in the back." He motioned to the back of the class where the woman smiled and waved a little. "Right. Today we will be reading out of--" Kirome zoned off...he didn't hear anything else after that. He only saw Kaisuki's mouth moving, and his arm and gentle fingers slowly reach over to grab something or point to the board to something that he had written. He felt numb. Or maybe it was the room that was numb...he couldn't tell anymore. It was a strange feeling. He could tell something was wrong though...he just didn't know what yet.

"Subatari-san. No sleeping during class." Kai smiled and tried not to laugh as the boy quickly sat up.

"S-sorry...uhm, may I...may I be excused? I don't feel so..." He gasped. "So...well."

"Ah..." Kai contained himself from rushing forward and running the boy to the nurse. "Ah, yes. Hirokoshi-san, take Subatari-san to the nurse please."

"Yes'sir." Makoto stood up and helped the boy up as well. "Come on Ki-kun...easy now."

"T...thank you..." He gasped again.

"Man, another panic attack...?" They moved slowly down the hall.

"Y...yeah..." Another gasp.

"What's wrong?" Ma looked at him with concern.


"Dude, we've been best friends since, like, birth. I know when there's something wrong with you."

"I'm just stressed...that's all..."

"About what?" He turned into the nurse's room. "It can't be school...that just started a couple of weeks ago..."

"I...I'll tell you later..." He gasped again as the nurse helped him onto the bed. "T..thanks, Ma-kun..."

"Yeah...no problem, man..." Ma left hesitantly and went back to class.

"Again, Subatari-san?" The nurse smiled sweetly, and placed a cold rag on his forehead.

"Heh, yeah..." He sighed deeply, staring up at the ceiling.

"What's the matter this time?"

"...Personal issues..."

"Ooo~ Parental problems? Girl problems? Both?"

"Hehe...yeah, something like that." He lied there for a while until his heartbeat had slowed back down.

"Ready to take your medicine now, Subatari-san?"

"Oh...yeah..." He sat up, and took the pill that the nurse gave him. "Thank you...Oh, can I have my inhaler to take with me?"

"Yeah, sure!" She smiled, and got in down from one of the cabinets. "Here ya go. This is your last one. So bring me a new one soon."

"...Oh yeah..." He sighed. "Damn, I need a job..."

"Hm?" The nurse cocked her head.

"Oh, nothing. Just talking to myself." He put the inhaler in his pocket. "Thanks. I'll go back to class now."

"Oki doki! Hope I don't have to see you again!" She laughed.

"Haha. yeah. Same to you, Fujimoto-san." He smiled a little and headed back down the hall to the classroom.

"First period is over, Subatari-san." Toukiware said from her place at the back desk.

"Oh..." He bowed quickly, and turned to head out the door. "Thank you."


"Yes, ma'am?" He look at her.

"Stay away from Watanabe-san."


"Stay away from him." She stood up and walked a few paces toward him, placing a hand on her hip. "I know how you feel about him. He's mine, so back off, kid."

"...W-what're you talking about, Toukiware-sensei?" He backed up a little as she stepped closer. A painful feeling was growing in his chest, and he grasped at his blazer gasping a little.

"You know what I'm talking about." She got closer, so close that he could feel her breathing. "Don't play stupid. Just stay away from him, and nothing bad will happen"

"Uh..." His heart was beating wildly and he quickly ran out the door of the classroom and down the hall. His breathing was becoming irregular again as he raced to find the teacher's lounge. Finally, he found it, and knocked on the door. A tall male teacher, unfamiliar to him, opened the door and looked down.

"May I help you?"

"I..." He gasped. "I'm looking for Watanabe-sensei. Is he in here?"

"No he's not. Did you check the lunchroom?"

"N...no..." He didn't think of that. "T-thank you." He bowed and ran off again. Down the hall, turn to the left and all the way down to the lunchroom...not a good idea to run all that way, especially for someone who has breathing problems. He skidded into the cafeteria and looked around rapidly, finally spotting the elder male eating a sandwich at the far end where the teachers usually eat. "W...Watanabe-sensei!"

"Huh?" the man looked up from him lunch. "K...Uh, Subatari-san?"

"...K...Kai, I need to talk to you..." He grabbed at his inhaler, and took a deep breath from it, replacing it back to his pocket.

"O...ok." He got, threw his trash away, and followed the boy to an empty hall just outside the cafeteria. "Kiro, what's the matter? You don't look too good..."

"...W..what the hell is going on between you and Toukiware-sensei?!" He grasped at his chest again.

"Kiro, calm down." He placed his hands on the boy's shoulders and looked into his bright green orbs. "Nothing is 'going on' between Toukiware-san and I."

"A-are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure!" He sighed. "I think I would know if there was anything between her and I."

"Well..she went all crazy-protective-bitch on me just a moment ago!"

"What're you talking about?"

"I went to go back to class, of course class was already over...and she was there. and she was all like 'Rawr, rawr, rawr! Stay away from Watanabe-san and nothing bad will happen!'...ow." He wheezed and pulled out the inhaler again.

"Ok, first off...you need to calm down...this worrying isn't good for someone with your condition." He sighed. "Secondly, you shouldn't be worrying in the first place. I...love you, and no one else. And if that crazy bitch tries anything, I'll protect you no matter what."

"Really...?" He laughed lightly.

"Of course." He leaned down and kissed him gently. "Now, go to class before you get counted truant."

"Right..." He nodded. "Thank you, Kai..." He ran off down the hall to his second-period class.

"...I'm so sorry, Kirome..." Kai sighed and walked down the hall to return to the classroom, hands in pockets.

"Kirome! I've been looking for you!" Makoto ran up to him after the last bell to go home rang. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm ok now..." He smiled."Got my inhaler from the nurse."

"Good!" He smiled. "Hey, you gonna tell me what was bothering you earlier?"

"Oh, yeah--"

"Kiro!" Kai called and trotted up. "Oh...hello, Hirokoshi-san."

"Hey, Watanabe-sensei." Ma waved a little.

"Ah, Kai." Kiro smiled. "I'm going to Ma-kun's house today, ok?"

"Ah, yeah." He nodded. "I'll see you tonight though, right?"

"Of course. It is a school night after all. I can't necessarily spend the night."

"Oh yeah." He chuckled again. "I'll have dinner ready by the time you get home, kay?"

"Oki doki." He smiled weakly and waved a little. "See you later, Kai."

"...What was that all about?"

"Oh...uhm..." He blushed. "A little part of why I was freaking out earlier."

"Huh...something tells me this is gonna be a long night." He laughed, and walked out of the school, Kiro by his side as they made their way to Makoto's house. They arrived at a small house soon after they left, and went through the bright red front door. "Mom, Ki-kun's over for a while!"

"Ok!" She answered from somewhere else in the house. The Hirokoshi family was a loud one...but they were always so comfortable with each other and everyone else, regardless of gender, race, or sexual preference. "Are you boys hungry?"

"You hungry, Kiro?"


"Good, me either." He called back to his mother with a loud 'no', and headed for his room. "So, tell me what's up."

"Brace yourself...it's a long story."

"I'm braced." He sat back on his bed, and Kirome twirled around in the computer chair telling Makoto everything that had gone down in the past week or so. When he was done, he was leaning down, his head in his hands.

"So yeah...that's it so far..." He sighed. "I don't know what to do, Ma-kun. What if he really is with Toukiware-sensei?"

"...Then let him be."


"Well, if he's stupid enough to cheat on someone as wonderful as you, then let him go. He's not worth it."

"...Ma-kun..." He flopped out of the chair and landed on the floor with a thud. "Uhhhhn..."

"And about your stuff...move in here with me. Mom wouldn't care. She loves you." He laughed. "And once she finds out that you're gay, she'll love you even more."

"Haha...I love your family, Ma-kun. They're so nice and...stuff."

"Yeah, they are pretty awesome, huh." He helped the boy up off the floor and onto the edge of the bed. "You got a key to his apartment?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Call in sick to school tomorrow...I'll help you get your shit out of there."

"No...I can't do that yet." He yawned a little. "Not until I find out that he's actually with Toukiware-sensei."

"Sweet! Detective work!"

"No, Ma-kun." He looked over to his best friend. "I don't wanna drag you into this mess."

"...But, I wanna help you." He looked at him with his bright violet-hued eyes; they were filled with the deepest sympathy and concern one could ever have for someone. Kiro couldn't resist it.

"Ah..." He sighed. "Fine. Just don't give me that look again."

"Ha! My eyes worked again!"

"Oh, admit it! My eyes rock!"

"Yes, they rock. And they are very persuasive." He pouted. "Damn your good genes."

"Hey don't 'damn' them!" He pushed the smaller boy. "You'll curse me!"

"Good!" He laughed and pushed him back. "Maybe some of your good luck and looks will come to me!"

"Like you need any more 'good look' genes!" He laughed. "Pretty boy!"

"'Pretty boy'?!" He pushed him again. "Who you callin' 'pretty'?!"

"Pretty, pretty princess!" He stood up and danced around the room jokingly.

"Ma-kuuuun~!" He whined. "Knock it off!"

"I'm just messin' with ya, Ki-kun." He smiled and sat back on the bed. "Cool your beans."

"My beans are cool." He pouted.

"Not cool enough..." He wrapped an arm about the boy's shoulders. "Ah, don't worry, Ki-kun...everything'll be ok. I'll make sure of it."

"Thanks, Ma-Kun." He yawned a little. "I should probably get home...if I can even call it that anymore."

"Ah, yeah...It's getting dark out." He stood and they walked back to the front door."I'll walk ya home."

"Thanks." They walked out the door and down the street to the apartment complex about five blocks away.

"He lives really close to here."

"Yeah." Kiro furrowed his brow and looked up to the third floor windows. "...Good night, I guess."

"Yeah." Makoto stuffed his hands in his pockets as if they were weights. "G'night..."

"...You ok, Makoto?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." He smiled at him bittersweetly. "G'night, Kirome." He nodded and walked off, hands still like weights in his pockets.

"...Good night." He sighed, and entered the building, taking the stairs to the third floor apartments. "I'm home."

"'Bout time." Kai smiled at him from the kitchen table. "Hungry? I made pasta."

"Neh..." He past the kitchen and the table for two. "I think I'll just go to bed..."

"...Oh...ok." He stood from the table and watched him walk to the bedroom and shut the door. "Good night..." He sat back at the table.

"...Ugh..." The boy sighed, getting into his pajamas, crawling into bed. "This sucks..."

He woke up early to the sound of the alarm again; the bed was empty save for a note pinned to Kai's pillow.

--"Went to school early. Teacher conference, or some shit like that. See you in class today.


The boy sighed and tossed the note in the trashcan next to the bed. He got dressed, grabbed his backpack, and headed out the door. When he got outside, Makoto was there waiting for him.

"I've been buzzing in for like the past hour."

"...Oh, sorry...I was asleep, and I don't know how to work the buzzer."

"Dude, you look like hell."
"Heh. Thanks." They walked along the sidewalk to the school. "Why were you out here waiting for me?"

"Oh, I say that ass leave early in a hurry. Thought I'd walk to school with ya."

"Ass? Oh...you mean Kai."

"Yeah. Watanabe-sensei." Makoto made a discusted face when he said the man's name. "There's something funny about him, Kiro."

"Yeah..." He sighed. "Teacer conference, my ass."


"Oh, he left a note on his pillow that said he left early for a teacher conference..."

"What a load of shit." Makoto scrunched his face up. "He's a bloody liar, you know that, right?"

"...We don't know that yet..." He watched his feet slowly scrape against the sidewalk as they walked. "...I won't believe it until I see it."

"Well, we're early, so..." He grinned. "Detective work!"

"Ma-kun, no~"

"Come on~!" He begged. "He'll be in Toukiware-sensei's classroom. Alone. With her."

"..." He paused in thought. "Ok. Just this once."

"Sweet!" He pulled Kirome by the hand around the corner of one hallway and down to where the third-year classes were. "Shhh...I think I hear them talking inside." He whispered and put his ear to the door. Kirome did the same and listened to the muffled, but easily distinguishable voices of Kaisuki and Toukiware.

"No, Emiko." He said "We can't. Not here at least."

"Oh, come on Kai~" She pleaded. "Just this once? It'll be exciting."

"How so?"

"At school! On a desk!" He sounded. "How is that not exciting to you?"

"...Ok...I guess it is a little exciting..."

"So, is that a 'yes' I hear?"

"Yeah..." He laughed lightly.

"Hehe~" She giggled. "Someone been a naughty boy, haven't you?"

"Haha, I sure have been."

"You're not gonna tell that little twerp, are you?"

"Who? Subatari?" He laughed. "Hell no. He'd just cry."

"Uh..." Kiro whimpered, and fell to the floor.

"Ah, Ki-kun..." Makoto whispered and dragged him away from the door so that he didn't have to whisper anymore. "Kirome?"

"M...Ma...Ma-kun..." He sobbed, grabbing a hold of the other boy's shirt and crying warm tears into it.

"...Kirome..." Ma sighed, and hugged onto him. "It's ok...everything will be ok."

"No...no it won't be, Ma...it won't be..." He sobbed even harder.



"Wait here, ok?" Ma smiled at him and stood up, marching back to the room where a series of giggles sounded. He threw open the door and saw Kaisuki and 'Emiko' all over each other, and on Kirome's desk to make matters worse and adding anger to the young boy.

"Ah...Hirokoshi-san--" Kai quickly got up, and fixed his shirt. "I was just showing Toukiware-san here uh..."

"What? How to be a two-timing piece of shit?!" He charged, and decked Kaisuki with a sharp right hook to the face, knocking him to the floor bleeding.

"Ah...you lil' punk. I'll--"

"You'll what? It's not like I can get in trouble!" He growled. "You're not a real teacher, nor are you a student! You're just a piece of shit that had it comin' for ya!"

"Watch what you say!" He scrambled up from the ground, but Makoto was quicker and kicked him back down.

"Don't mess with me, man! I'm a three-striped blackbelt in two forms of martial arts!" He huffed to catch his breath. "Do us all a favor and go back to Hokkaidou! And take your slut of a girlfriend with you!" He sent another kick at the man on the floor, making him spit up some blood and what looked like a tooth. "Stay the hell away from Kirome while you're at it! He loved you! And he thought that you loved him too! God, I didn't know people like you actually existed!"

"J-just shut-up already..." Kai weezed from his place on the floor, Toukiware wasn't there anymore.

"Like hell!" He delivered one final kick before wlking away. "Leave Kirome to the one who truely loves him..." He left the classroom, and took Kirome up.

"What happened...?" He shook a little "I saw Toukiware-sensei run down the hall."

"I kicked his sorry ass for you." He smiled and slid the boy onto his back. "We have to go now."

"W-what?" He leaned into the other boy. "You kicked his ass? Wait, why do we have to leave?'

"Yes, I did. And we have to leave because of that."

"Oh...Makoto~" He sighed and passed out on the boy's back.

"Ah, you sure have been through a lot, Kirome..." He sighed and began to run. "Hang on Kiro...we're gonna get you home." He sped up once he was out of the school and on the street; he took an allyway instead of the main street.

"Makoto!" His mother was in the front lawn watering her flowers. "What're you doing home? And why is Kirome on your back?"

"It's a long story, mom." He huffed, and adjusted the boy on his back. "Can Kiro stay here?"

"Stay here?" She cocked her head and turned the hose off. "For how long?"

"For as long as it takes..." He huffed. "Please, mom?"

"I don't mind." She shrugged. "Will you tell me what's going on now"

"N...not now..." He huffed once more. "I gotta get Kiro inside. If anyone comes and asks, I'm not here, ok?"

"What?" She shook her head and followed him inside the house. "What'd you mean you're 'not here'?"

"Just...tell them you haven't seen me since I left for school."

"Hirokoshi Makoto, what did you do this time?"

"Kicked someone's ass." He lied Kirome on the couch in the living room, making sure he was comfortable. "For him..."

"For Kirome?" She cocked her head again, and put a cold cloth on the boy's fourhead. "Why?"

"'Cause...that guy...he's a dirty jerk-assed cheater, two-timing, two-faced, douche."


"What?! It's true..." He sighed.

"Son, are you gay?"


"Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I don't know, mom." He kneeled by the couch where Kiro was. "I have my reasons..."

"Is Kirome gay?"


"Are you two dating?"

"You can't tell him this, but...I wish."

"Aww~" She smiled...the doorbell rang. "Oh...if you don't want to be seen, I suggest you go hide then."

"Right." He scooped Kiro back up and carried him to his bedroom and hid in the closet while his mother answered the door.

"Oh, hello." She smiled. "How may I help you?"

"Is this the residence of Hirokoshi Makoto?"

"Why yes, it is. I'm his mother." She blocked the door with her body. "How may I help you?"

"Is your son home, ma'am?"

"Why no, of course not, silly!" she laughed. "It's ten AM on a Tuesday! He's at school!"

"So, you haven't seen him since he left for school this morning?"

"Nope!" She smiled. "Now, if you'll excuse me, my cookies are in the oven!" She closed the door and locked it, heading for her son's room. "It's ok, you can come out now."

"Good." He breathed in deep as he opened the closet door and slid out with Kiro in his lap.

"Oh, he's still passed out, huh?"

"Yup..." He picked the smaller boy up and set him on his bed. "He'll come to soon."

"Oki doki!" His mom smiled. "I'll go make you two an early lunch!"

"Thanks, mom." He smiled and sat on the bed next to the other boy as she left and closed the door. "Ah...Kirome...if only you knew." He sighed and leaned down, gently planting a kiss on the boy's fourhead. Smiling, he pulled up the computer chair from his desk and set it by the bed. He sat watching the boy sleep...his eyebrows twitched a little, and he made some odd groaning noises in his sleep. Makoto sighed, assuming it was obviously a nightmare, and grabbed ahold of the boy's hand. His twitching and odd moaning stopped after that.

"...Ma...koto..." He grumbled in his sleep, and his grip tightened around the other boy's hand.

"Kirome...?" He moved to sit on the bed again instead of in the chair. "Kirome, are you ok...?"

"Ma..." He opeded his eyes a little. "Wha--"

"You're at my house in my room...we got here about twenty minutes ago."

"...What...happened...?" His eyes swelled with tears.

"...What'd you mean...?"

"...What happened?" He sobbed. "Everything was so...perfect. He...he loved me...didn't he?" The boy turned his emerald eyes up to look at the blond that sat next to him. His voice broke, stepping into a slightly higher octave, under the sobs. "Didn't he...?"

"...Kirome..." The boy's best friend leaned down, taking him into his arms. "...Let it out..." And he did. They small boy cried heavily into the blond's chest.

"Ma...Ma...koto..." He cried. "...W...why did...t-this happen to m-me...?"

"Ki-kun...can I tell you something? Something that I've wanted to tell you for a very long time?" Makoto's face flushed a bright red.

"W...what is it...?" He didn't lift his head.

"...Ki-kun...I..." He paused, breathing deeply. "...I love you. Always have."

"...I love you too, Ma-kun." He didn't get it.

"No, Kiro." He took the boy by the shoulders and gazed deeply into his eyes. "I love you. I have for a very, very long time now...I just never had the guts to tell you before. I...I didn't know what people would think about me being...gay."

"...You should've told me before..." Kiro sniffled and leaned into the boy's chest again. "...What about all that talk about girls and stuff?"

"A cover up..." He chuckled lightly. "I didn't want people to know..."

"...Oh..." Kiro let out a small, weak laugh into the folds of Makoto's school shirt.



"...How...far...did you and Watanabe go...?"

"Oh...uhm..." He flushed, and more tears began to come and wet his cheeks again. He shivered, rubbing at the sides of his arms. "...My...my body feels so...dirty and...used."

"...You went 'all the way' with him...?" Ma's face dismayed a little, and he smiled sadly. "Ha...I always imagined that I would be your first...and you would be mine..."

"...Ma-kun..." He wrapped his arms tightly around the brunette. "Ma-kun...I am so sorry...if I could take it all back...if I could just go back in time...I would change it all...I would change it all."

"...I know, Kiro...I know..." He sighed. "I...I should've told you sooner..."



"...You're in serious trouble, arn't you..."

"Yeah. I am." He laughed lightly. "It'll be ok though...my mom is like...made of magic or something."

"More like money." Kiro laughed a little.

"Haha. Yeah...that too." He smiled. "Kiro?"


"...Move in with me?"


"I'll be turning eighteen soon, remeber?"

"Oh yeah..." He looked up at the elder boy. "I almost forgot you were a fourth year...lucky."

"Like hell." He laughed. "In any case...what'd you say? Move in with me." The blond turned his violet orbs to face the boy.

"...Makoto..." Kiro grinned and lunged at the other boy in a hug, tackling him to the floor below the bed with a loud thump.

"Haha! I take that as a 'yes'?"

"No!" He laughed. "That's a 'hell yeah'!"

"Haha." He smiled up at the boy who was currently straddling him. "...I'm happy."

"...So'm I..." The smaller male leaned down, gently placing a kiss to the older one's lips. Makoto blushed deeply...Kirome laughed at that. Makoto's mother walked in and smiled, not even phased by the boy being on top of her son.

"I made you two some lunch!" She smiled and they both flushed, skittering up and fixing their clothes.

"Uhm...T..thank you, Hirokoshi-san." Kiro bowed a little.

"Oh, please, Kirome." She giggled. "You're like family. Just call me 'mom'."

"Uh...a...are you sure...?"

"Mooom~" Mako whined a little. "Knock it off."

"What?" She smiled. "I'm not doing anything. Lunch is on the table." As she left, she giggled to herself.

"...Uhm...you hungry?" Makoto looked over to Kiro and smiled lightly, standing up and offering a hand.

"Yeah." He returned the awkward smile, and took the hand.

"Oh, Mom!" Mako called. "Later, I need to go out somewhere!"

"Where?" She called back from another part of the house.

"To that jerk's apartment!" He returned and sat at one end of the table, Kiro across from him. "Need to get Kirome's stuff!"

"Oh!" His mother peeked her head into the kitchen door to see the boys eating their lunch she had made. "If you need help, I'll bring the car!"

"Thanks, mom." He smiled.

"..Yes, Thank you, Hirokoshi-san...uh...I mean, mom." He made an awkward face as he called her that, and she just giggled.

"You're very welcome, boys." Her head moved away from the door, and footsteps could be heard. "Let me find my shoes and car keys. When you two are done with lunch, we'll make our way over there."

"Ok!" Mako smiled and put both his and Kiro's plates in the sink. "But, we need to make it very quick!"

"Oh, don't worry!" She popped back in with shoes in hand. "We'll be in and out as quick as lightening and as silent as the wind!"

"Great!" The older boy smiled, looking over at the other. "Let's go?"

"...Yeah." He returned the smile. "Right...where're my shoes...?" He looked down at his shoeless, socked feet.

"Oh." Makoto laughed. "They're by the door on the shoe thing."

"Ok..." He sat and pulled his shoes on, Makoto did the same.

"Ok, boys!" Mako's mother exclaimed excitedly. "Let's go! Can you give me directions, Kirome?"

"Oh," He looked up as he buckled the seatbelt. "Yeah, sure thing."

"Oki doki!" She started the car and backed out of the driveway, driving down the street.

"You want to take a right at the next stop sign, continue straight on, then a left at the gas-station. The apartment complex is like...right there." She had followed his directions perfectly, driving quickly. Kiro and Mako stepped out of the car and approached the apartment complex.

"Is he here?"

"...I don't see his car anywhere." Kiro replied. "So, I guess he's still at the school or something..."

"I hope so." Mako smiled and followed Kiro inside to the third floor. "This is it." He unlocked the door and went in.

"It's empty."

"Good." Kiro sighed in relief and went for the back bedroom. "My stuff is all back here. Or at least my clothes are. I think my other stuff is still at my parents' house..."

"Oh, well...at least you'll have clothes." Makoto smiled and began to grab the boy's clothes, stuffing them into a duffle bag that his mother had brought with them.

"...Thanks again, Mako..." He helped him pack the things up.

"Ah...no thanks is needed, Kiro..." He zipped the bag up. "That seems to be all of it." He stood and looked over at Kirome who was already standing up. He was staring at the bed, the bathroom door, and the desk, his arms hanging heavily at his sides..

"...I know this is gonna sound strange but..." He furrowed his brow a little in confused sadness. "I'm...going to miss it here...a little, anyways."

"I know." Makoto set the bag down lightly and walked up, gently wrapping his arms around the boy's waist from behind. "...Come on, Kirome. We can't stay here."

"...Yeah." He nodded solemly and turned hesitantly away from the bed of cotton sheets and a dark blue blanket. Mako grabbed the bag, handing Kirome another one, and they made their way back out to the car that awaited them.

"Mom." Mako started, putting the bags in the trunk. "Let's get the hell out of here."

"Right'o, son!" She smiled as the two buckled into the backseat. They drove off, back to the Hirokoshi house. Once there, they unloaded the things, and dropped them off into Makoto's room. "Kirome?"

"Yes, ma'am?" He turned and looked up to her.

"...You are always welcome here. Remember that, ok?" She smiled faintly at him, and moved to the living room area.

"...Thank you." He sighed deeply and sat down on Mako's bed.

"Tired...?" The blond sat next to the boy.

"Yeah...I think I'm just going to go to bed early..." He lied down on the bed, sighing deeply into the pillow.

"I don't blame you."

"...I'm going to have to switch classes..."

"Then I'll switch with you."

"...You don't have to do that, Ma-kun..."

"I want to." He lied down next to the brunette. "Besides, after knowing what he did to you...I couldn't stand to be in the same room as him."

"...Yeah..." He sniffled a little, burrying his face deeper into the pillow.

"...Don't worry, Kiro-chan..." Makoto's eyes began to show the same deep sympathy as before, and he wrapped an arm gently around the other's waist. "...I'll protect you. No matter what. Through thick and thin...I'll always be there for you."

"...Thank you, Makoto..." He rolled over so that he faced him, and their eyes met; their faces so close that their noses touched ever so lightly. "...Makoto?" He whispered.

"...Yes?" He returned, also quiet.

"...I love you."

"Heh..." He smiled and leaned in. "I love you too..." They kissed. But that...that lead to more. Soon, the older boy had gently moved as to straddle the boy; they removed their shirts first, lightly trailing their finger tips over each others delicate skin. Makoto smiled, admiring Kirome's bare chest; he trailed his hands down to the boy's pant-line, removing his belt. Kirome bit his lower lip as Mako to lowered his head, kissing his way down to the boy's 'lower-half'.

"Ma...Makoto..." He moaned lightly, but covered his own mouth, not wanting his lover's mother to walk in due to strange noises. His pants were slowly removed, and he reached up, taking the elder's belt off as well, and tossing it to the floor with the rest of their clothes. They both smiled, and Makoto removed his own pants. There they were, two seventeen year olds at the peek of stress, depression, and hormonal frustration, on top of each other with someone in the next room watching T.V.. Yet, they went at it anyways. Not caring about the consequences of that very action one bit at that point in time. Soon, they were completely naked, and within each others arms heaving and sweating and moving as silently as possible. They had stopped.

"..Mmm..." Makoto smiled, nuzzling into the back of the boy's neck.

"...Hm?" He giggled lightly at the nuzzling.

"Nothing..." He whispered, still smiling.



"...That was..." He rolled to face him, and curl up into his chest. "That was like magic..."

"Heh..." The older boy wrapped his arms tighter around the boy.

"..I'm beat now..." Kiro yawned, and closed his eyes.

"Me too..."

"What? No nagging me about taking a shower...?" He looked up at him a bit surprised.

"Wha? Why would I?" He laughed a little, and closed his own eyes. "That can wait until morning...for now, I just wanna lay here with you..."

"...Good." He reclosed his eyes, and cuddled close. "Me too..."

And they did. Just the two of them in bed, undisturbed by either the alarm clock, the morning sun, nor Makoto's mother. Alone in the world with all their teenaged angst and problems of stress, depression, and hormones...Alone in their own world. But...they were together. Together in the world. Together with all their problems. Together on a mission to face a world full of dirty jerk-assed cheating, two-timing, two-facing, douches. And they would fight until the very end of things. They would fight for a better life. A better family. A better...everything. So long as they had each other...they would lie between those cotton sheets forever.

Let's fight this battle they call life.