Heaven To We Masochistic:

How can we call this the land of opportunity?
When immigrants are faced with ignorance and scrutiny.

How dare us when we pledge that we are "Indivisible",
When the separation during the Civil War was undeniably visible.

What have we become when "Niggas" means "Brothers"?
Its segregation when only blacks can say it and not others.

Why is it democracy is always laced with hypocrites?
We all have our marvelous freedoms, but only to certain limits?

My mother cries longingly beneath an open flame, distraught by her child's mistakes,
As an eagle falls broken to the ground hopeless, a victim of these political snakes.
Betwixt optimists and pessimists, I am constantly fixed only then to be vexed.

How I wish I could fly, but how quickly I would die,
Next to this bird of the heavens,
And oh how easily I can lie and oh how easily I can cry,
Yet still walk to death with no objections.
How I weep along side my mother, as the horizon fills with shipwrecks.

In all honesty, I do love America; you really shouldn't miss it,
Land of the free, home of the brave, heaven to we masochistic.