Tuesday, January 13th, 2009


Like a river running dry,

My tears once were,

But not anymore.

All of your manipulation,

And coarse words,

Have worn me down so deep;

And all that's left is eroded rock.


Hard and cold,

Meshed into what you wanted me to be,

Isn't that right?

After you're done,

I'm garbage.

What I once was,

Is now forgotten.


Could you ever think,

That I used to be,

Just so happy?

That I used to believe,

Care, wonder and wish?

That's all so true,

Yet still a myth.


How could I believe,

When you constantly filled me with doubt?

How could I care,

When you froze my heart with your icicle dagger?


You taught me right,

Or so they say,

To be a killer,

A stranger, someone unknown.

Did you want me to lose,

All sense of morality?

To have to guess at what's right or wrong?

To have to wonder,

What am I doing to another's family?


Did you know,

That I still don't know today,

What scares me, and what doesn't,

Because all I remember,

is your mocking tone,

Taunting me into screams,

That tore at my throat,

And pushed at my insides.


You know what I am,

They know, and I know

You were right,

You were always fucking right.


"Someone who can't differentiate,

Between what's right and what's wrong,"

But I do know, I do.

I know that you deserve to burn,

And you'll see me there,

Burning with you.