Romance in Eternal Night

Moonlight, breezes and everlasting love

The curtains rustle and the smells of night fill the air

Your breathing, a light whisper

Your chest moving lightly against me

Your arms wrapped around my body

You mumble in your sleep, and say my name

You shift every so often and pull me closer towards you

Your sigh deeply in happiness

I wonder what you're dreaming of

Together, forever, in the ever eternal night

I turn to face you cautiously

I cannot allow you to wake up now that it's time

To do what I have to do

I must be silent like the moon

For what must be done, will be, with no mercy

I slowly slide out of your arms

Out of the protection of your heart and your warmth

To find what I have to use

I creep to your side, a gleam off the knife

And then it's finally over, the beautiful eternal night

By Ashley Gamer