Chapter 1

As the birds sing and the trees flowed in the wind, a boy ventured out hunting with his father on his 17th birthday. "Father what's the matter? Can't you keep up?" He chuckled, "Your getting to old father! Ha-ha" He shouted, panting slightly.

"I may be old Alakai and you may be faster but I have the wisdom!" his father shouted back.

"There is no wisdom needed to run father! I'll get to the buck long before you!" He shouted with a little laugh as he ran faster and faster jumping and dodging through the tall thick trees.

"What you don't see is that your about to lose, son!" said his father with a sort of know-it-all grin.

"And whys that!" He yelled having just been confused. As it seemed to be not yet one second after he had answered he hit something with a giant THUD! He awoke with the pain of a thousand drums in his head..

"See boy, I told you that you were going to lose" chuckled his father as stood there staring down at him.

"It feels like I've been kicked by a horse, did you catch the buck?" He asked, slowly getting up holding his throbbing head.

"No son, it seems that giant red lump on your forehead must have scared it away" laughed his father.

"Oh ha-ha father, you have jokes don't you" He said. "Lets just get back home; mother will get worried if we don't make it in time for breakfast".

"Right you are son." His father replied.

So they headed out back towards their farm. On the way, He noticed how the woods were getting smaller and smaller, there were hardly any fine dark brown oak trees anymore, and in fact, they were the only trees left in his village. The king's men had chopped the rest and burned them because of failure to pay for land. After a while of walking he had a sort of chill flow down his spine, like a slow but fierce burst of cold wind blew past them and on through the woods brushing the leaves of the giant trees as it went by. He decided to ignore it as he felt it was just a cold front coming down from the hills.

Soon enough they reached the opening of the woods where just beyond the sparkling duck ponds you could see their farm. He was especially excited to get back seeing as he was starving for some food, and maybe also a present from his mother. As his father and he kept getting closer and closer to our cottage, He noticed something strange… there was smoke pouring from the seals and cracks of the door and windows! In a burst of sprint, He started running for the cottage only thinking of his mother's safety.

"Alakai!! Where are you...?" His father yelled after him, only just realizing the smoke too, he chased after him. "Alakai wait! It's too dangerous! Let me handle this!" his father bellowed running right past him and into the burning house.

He stood there watching and waiting, hoping that any minute his father and mother would run out of the house safely but as a couple minutes went by no one came out.

"FATHER!!" He screamed…but still no one came out. "MOTHER!!" He yelled again…still nothing. Then, with a sudden burst, his father came rushing out of the house carrying what looked like to be his mother.

He stood there in shock only hoping his mother would be ok. His father placed his mother down on the grass which seemed to be covered in a thick layer of black ash. He watched as his father tried to wake his mother but her eyes did not open, his father slowly stood up keeping his head down as if he had failed. He looked up at him with a look Alakai had never seen before; it was of sadness and forgiveness. All of a sudden his father flinched and with a mere shudder spoke to Alakai.

"Alakai…run!" he muttered.

"Father… what's wrong??" Alakai asked his father slowly walking towards him to see if he was alright. "Father! Tell me wha…". But before he could finish his sentence, his father collapsed face first into the black ashy grass. And it had been that day, the day he saw his father and mother die right in front of his eyes was the day he became a man.. There was nothing he could do but stand there and stare in horror at the arrow sticking out of his father's back and his mother on the ground beside him. He stood for what seemed like 5 hours but really it was only a mere second, then he ran, ran as fast and as stealthy as he could. He only had a chance to look behind, and when he did, He saw 6 black hooded figures carrying giant bows that seemed to be made out of bone running towards his cottage where his mother and father lay dead. He quickly made his way through the brush of the woods until he found a dark but quiet place to rest.