So what is my depression?

A lonesome crag, that's my impression

I got no problems, in my eye

But constant learning, in my mind

So take a ticket, grab a seat

The show's already started

Sip your drink, mind your voice,

As mental seas are parted

So alone, right from the go

One major friend, my only bro

No home life, just self-perversion

Tantrums, tears, and pain aversion

See, it's not even worth discussing

'Show's over folks', to scattered, muttered cussing

I want to learn about the world,

And through it, find myself

For when I focus calmly inward

I just feel like I need help

Human progression, it's not a dream!

I hold it, collected, in my palm

If all things were as they seemingly seemed

Without unknown pressure- constant calm

...Look, I'm sorry I'm not outwardly assuring

Though inside, my soul may be purring

I think the problem lies in you

We are so different, 'do' vs. 'true'...

The segments are confusing

Rising in sheathed segments

Like the plastic saber-toys

I played with as a boy

Where will it meet

At top of tree

What fragments float

In canopy?

Is there something up there, waiting?

Are breaths held bated, in the shading?

What lies above, is it a sky?

Am I upside-down this whole dang time?

So much to wonder, I'm at a loss

Turn gaze from trees, continue walk

I'll keep this up, though I've no reason,

Naught else to do, is what I'm feasing

I'd like to find an open meadow

With many flowers, breezy breath of petals

Little critters, birds in flight

A wall of stars in womb of night

Embraced by none, I am with all

Release my long-held, piercing call

Gather, children, to your parent

The link's connected, truth's apparent

I feel this urge inside me, whole,

It wants release from cage of soul

To interact, to make it real

Drives me onward at my heel

Where, from there, what next, a stream?

These things I wonder, walking, in my dream

Dream of me, upon you, raging

Dream of us


Dream a dream of finding night

Dream of dreams

To find the light

Second time you said my name,

I knew

The future, vast, unpredictable, but in mine,

I see you

So I can deal with side attractions

That dare me, bare, to leap to action

To lose my subtle traction

'Cuz I know someday I'll come out winning

With you, together, laughter, grinning

A/N: Some more random writings from the notebook o'doom n'death lol. That last one I JUST added, it was a scrap I found on the adjacent page.