Silence by AndromedaMarine

I need a chance to stand alone,
A chance to keep me straight.
I have a mind to walk away
Before it gets too late.

There's more to everything I do,
There's more than what I say,
Because there's more inside my heart,
And less to chase away.

Yet nothing had a chance to change;
A chance to turn around.
And when I walked away from them
I walked away unbound.

I was an eagle, free at last,
And then I took my fall,
And as I tried to fly away
I could not cross the wall.

A captive still, to what I feared
And what I hated most.
But then I turned around to see
My evil past – my ghost.

Yet as I try to free myself
From bonds that keep me back
I figure out that what I need
Is sorely what I lack.

So if I ask to cross the void
And walk away from death,
Will I understand what's wrong
Or will I lose my breath?

I really want to trust what's right
And walk from all I hate
But if I leave to go alone,
I walk away from fate.

So what path do I follow now?
Do I go to the past?
Can I return to all I lost -
To all I had amassed?

It seems there's but one answer now:
An answer leading home,
A place where friends have always been
And now I cannot roam.

They'll wonder why I left at all,
Or why I have returned,
But like always they hear nothing,
For it's silence I have earned.