The End of Genesis


My name is Xynophin.

I'm an amexplr, and I'm from the planet Prikogyl. It is, apparently, the furthest out of five rocky planets from our sun. And the second one that has life on it, although the life on the other is very primitive. But you shouldn't trust me, I'm not an astronomer.

In fact, the only reason I'm saying this is because I don't think any other amexplr will find this. The only ones who are likely to find this record are… well, probably no one. I'm mostly alone now, but I'm writing this down just in case another sentient being finds it. So that the mistakes we made aren't repeated.

So, I'll tell you what happened. Even though we lost everything, the story must go on. It'll continue until the end of the world, which may have come already for some like me, but for some it's only just beginning. And, in the end, we're all insignificant in the whole scheme of things. Compared to the huge emptiness of space, and even the smallest stars, I'm only a miniscule speck. But we can still do things greater than we ourselves are. See, this is why you should never do what I did, you end up turning into some sort of philosopher…

Anyway, in case you're a different species than me, from a different planet or even a different solar system, I'll give you the facts. First off, if you are a different species, then much of this may not be translated literally; for example, amexplr communicate body language through our tails, and if you use something else to communicate the same thing, then just imagine we're using that part, if our species share it. Now, how do I describe myself? Well, it's hard to describe something you're used to seeing (or not seeing, if you don't have a mirror) for your entire life. I've got two legs and feet, two eyes, two tails, two ears, a mouth, a nose, a pouch on my stomach, and blue fur. I have been discovering that this is a somewhat common setup, at least some parts of it, for even creatures on other planets. Which is strange, because I always thought of aliens as being completely different… But I really shouldn't be talking, considering I am an alien now.

You may by now be wondering what happened to me. Don't worry, I'll answer all the questions you might have, unless of course you think of one I haven't covered. But I'll never know, will I, because odds are I'll be dead long before anyone gets around to reading this, if at all.

It's a morbid thought, yes, but how would you feel if you were one of only a handful of individuals left of your species? Probably the same as I am right now, because that's pretty much my current situation.

Now, if you're afraid of the fact that there is other intelligent life out there, don't be, because chances are that by the time you're reading this you are the only intelligent life left in the universe. Life isn't a very common thing, and it's probably a lot of luck, or divine intervention or something, that made it appear in my solar system twice. And out of those two planets, only one, Prikogyl, has sentient life. So, for all the effort I'm putting into writing this down, like I said before there's a large chance no one will ever read it.

But I'm doing it anyway, mostly so I can have a clear conscience when I finally die. Which, hopefully, won't be for a while, considering I'm still very young. I'm not anyone special, you have to understand. It was chance that allowed me to survive when everyone else, or almost everyone else… didn't. But there's no one else to record this, so it's left to me. I'll do my best, although there are a lot of people who could do this better. Correction, there were a lot of people who could do this better.

Alright, so now that I'm done with my opening, exposition, whatever, I'll start my story. Where should I start? Let me see, I think a good starting point was when I was still about three years and seven months old by my home planet…