So, this is a new/old song that I didn't publish right away, due to the fact I didn't think it was ready. I've touched it up though, and given it a new name. I can't read it and not laugh, because if you understand my frustrations about bands giving songs random stupid titles that have little or nothing to do with the actual song, you also understand how irritating it is. The song itself is pretty heavy, speaking out against such matters as elitism, bullying and religion. I'm sure you can draw even more conclusions from it, based upon your own interpretations, and you're welcome to do so. Thanks for reading, folks.

I'm Giving This Song A Drawn Out Name Because Apparently That's Cool To Do

(Making The Silent Scream)

They goad you into voicing your words...
And they torment you for speaking!
Let's give them a sound that's never been heard!
Can you hear the silent screaming?

Avenge! The way we used to be!
We renounce our futures!
We're more than what you see!
Can you smell the acrid smoke!?
We deny your culture!
And the illusion of hope!

They push you right over the edge!
And punish you for dreaming!
But there are things inside of our heads...
Their cruelty's not receding!
Will they be sorry when they're bleeding?!

Avenge! The songs we used to sing!
They led us through the fires!
They gave us everything!
Can you feel your body burn?!
We won't be led by liars!
We don't have to wait our turn!

Hold tight!
We've already fallen...
When the fuck will we touch ground?!
Shine bright!
What are we approaching?!
Our lives are held inside the sound...
Of a dying scream!
For our lost belief!
We want a world that's not deceived!

Avenge! The things we used to love!
We renounce hateful religion!
Who will save us from above?!
Can you draw from what's inside?
We'll live and then we'll die!
But we won't live a lie!!

It's for me, and for you!
The only ones who will hold true!
For us, not for them!
We will not be so condemned!
By transparency!
And hypocrasy!
Dying young is living free.