A loud thud echoed through the dojo as Kohaku landed on her back after Reiji had tripped her. Laying there for a moment, Kohaku thought about yet another bruise she would have to explain to her friends. Turning over, she pushed up off the floor and to her knees.

Three weeks had passed since the party when Kohaku had been named the heir to whatever Kyo Sakurai had in his name. The defense lessons had started, and she was slowly picking the style up. Reiji was relentless during lessons; however, he did have his moment when he would be nice. Kohaku began to notice feelings blossoming for him, but pushed it away from her mind.

"Are you alright Miss Kohaku?" Reiji asked standing in front of her.

"Of course I am," Kohaku got to her feet.

However, when she placed her left foot back on the ground to be in the appropriate stance, she felt light headed and her legs gave out. Reiji rushed forward and caught her. He picked her up and began to carry her out of the dojo.

"Damn it!" she cursed putting a hand over her eyes. "Why does this always happen?"

"Your body is still getting used to the movements," Reiji walked through the lawn and toward Kohaku's room.

"Meaning my body is still getting used to the abuse it's being put through," Kohaku looked up at him. "Where are you…?"

Reiji placed Kohaku on her bed and turned away from her. As he walked out her door to the house, he said, "Stay here; I'll be right back."

Sighing, Kohaku laid on her bed and waited for Reiji to come back. Looking at the clock, she noticed that they had been in the dojo for six hours. No wonder she collapsed from getting thrown on her back. Turning her head as the door creaked, she saw Reiji re-enter her room holding a bottle of water and a bowl that held her curiosity.

"Here you go Miss Kohaku," Reiji handed her the bottle and helped her sit up. "I also brought you some grapes."

"Thank you," Kohaku smiled and drank more than half the water before putting down, grabbing a grape and proceeding to eat it.

"Have a good day Miss Kohaku," Reiji opened her door. "I will be right here to pick you up after school."

"My uniform is getting too loose," Kohaku made the comment as she pulled up her skirt slightly and used a safety pin to hold it up.

"Perhaps you should eat more like a human and less like a rabbit, Miss Kohaku," the driver said as Reiji prepared to get in the car. "With your workout schedule, it is a wonder that you aren't any skinnier."

"What did you say?!?" Kohaku whipped around to glare at the driver.

"He was out of line," Reiji bowed. "Forgive him Miss Koha-"

Kohaku hadn't waited for Reiji to apologize before walking away and into the school. She couldn't believe that the driver had just said that she was too skinny. Seeing Kai in her seat, Kohaku plopped down in her own.

"You look pissed," Kai commented.

"Yeah," Kohaku sighed, "I was pretty much just called anorexic. Sorry for not really having an appetite and getting over worked with the defense lessons that my father is forcing me to have."

"Wow," Kai said, "that person is probably regretting what he just said. Anyway, Megumi, Hana, Seguchi, Akihiko and I are going to karaoke after school. You should come and relax a bit."

"I will think about it," Kohaku noticed the teacher was late.

"Come on," Kai grinned, "you need a break and you used to sneak away from the body guard before. So, why not do it just one more time? You know it will be fun."

Kohaku shrugged and turned her head to face toward the front as their teacher walked into the room and started class. When the last bell rang, Kohaku grabbed her bag and started walking down the hall. Once she got close to the front doors, she paused. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Kai smiling at her.

"Okay," Kohaku began to walk away from the doors. "We just have to go out the back so Reiji won't see us…"

Laughter echoed as Kohaku and her friends had a good time. Taking a drink, Kohaku glanced at her watch and realized that it was nearly ten at night. Grabbing her things, she stood up and walked away from the table.

"Kohaku-chan!!" Megumi said really loudly. It was clear to everyone that she was drunk. "Where are you going?"

"To the restroom, and then home," Kohaku smiled. "Thanks for the invite. I'll see ya."

She turned and walked to the bathroom in the back. Walking past booths, she kept her eyes forward and didn't notice who was sitting in the booth closest to the bathroom hallway.

"Well, well," Taka leaned back slightly, "looks like the rumors were true and Kohaku doesn't like body guards. Naruse, move the car around to the alley and bring the chloroform. Masaki, we will go confront her by the bathroom."

The three men got up, one going out the front of the bar and two toward the restrooms. Kai noticed this, but was distracted by one of her other friends.

Kohaku sighed as she came out of the restroom with her phone in hand. Looking up, she jumped as she saw the two men staring at her.

"Tsukioka-san," she gasped, "you startled me."

"I apologize," Taka bowed his head slightly. He looked at Masaki and moved his eyes.

Kohaku noticed this, and kicked her right leg around, nailing Masaki in the stomach. As he doubled over for a moment, Kohaku started to run towards the bar. She was stopped though by Taka grabbing her book bag.

"Take it," she said and slipped the bag off her arms.

She took off through the bar and hit the speed-dial on her cell. It rang twice before someone answered:

"This is…"

"Reiji!" Kohaku said loudly as she got to the front doors.

"Miss Kohaku?" Reiji questioned. "Where are you?"

"At the Mikawa Karaoke Bar," Kohaku was outside. "You need to know that Ta…mph!"

"Miss Kohaku?!" Reiji yelled from the phone.

Kohaku struggled as the cloth was over her mouth and nose. The smell invaded her system and it didn't take long for her struggling to completely stop. As her body relaxed, the phone slipped from her hand to the ground. The last thing she remembered was her body being lifted from the ground before her world went black.

Reiji was currently pacing in front of his boss' office trying to think of the best way to tell him that his daughter had gotten away from her body guard and ended up getting kidnapped. He had to give her credit though; she called when she got into trouble. Only, it was too late to save her, but she had been able to somewhat give him a clue.

Knocking, Reiji figured it that he might as well get the worst part over with. As he opened the door, he rethought what he was going to say.

"What is it Reiji? I said not to disturb me unless…" Kyo only glanced at him.

"It is an emergency that has to do with your daughter," Reiji went to one knee and bowed his head.

When there was no response, Reiji glanced up and saw that Kyo was only staring at him. Standing, he continued to explain what he knew:

"Miss Kohaku snuck away from me after school to go out with her friends. However, while at the karaoke bar, she was kidnapped. I am doing all I can to find out who took her. Please tell me what you would like me to do to them when I find out who."

"Nothing for now," Kyo got up from his desk. "I just want you to find out who took her. I will discuss your punishment after she is found. Now, LEAVE!"

Reiji did as he was told. Walking toward the front of the house, he began to form a plan. He would question her friends first; they would be more helpful than anyone who happened to be at the bar. He would start with the one who had come to her birthday; Kai.

Kohaku tried to move her arms, but found that she couldn't. Looking around, the room was very dull and bare, except for the bed in which she was currently on. Twisting, she was able to bring her knees to her stomach and sit up slightly.

The leather around her wrists was tied to the iron headboard. Looking toward the ground, she saw her bag open and her things scattered. Sighing, she slid herself closer to the headboard so she could sit up straight.

A creaking sound caused her to whip her head around and look at the door as it opened. Her breathing increased as Taka Tsukioka walked toward her with a grin that foretold what his intentions were.

"You do know that you are as good as dead when my father finds out what you have done," she sounded braver than she truly felt.

"If he finds out," Taka sat on the bed and touched her cheek.

Kohaku pulled away and pushed herself into the corner of the bed. Taka laughed and gripped the leather that connecter her wrists to the bed. Yanking it, Kohaku fell forward and onto her face.

"Besides," Taka sneered in her ear, "you won't be able to do anything about it."

She shivered as he licked her ear and she tried to pick up her head, but found that he was effectively pinning her down. Slowly, his hand went down her back and around her hip; which he used to pull her so she was laying down with her hands extended above her head. Kohaku hated feeling helpless, and at the moment, helplessness was the least of her worries.

Taka flipped her back over so she was on her back looking up at him. Her eyes went wide and she cringed as his hand went between her legs and began to rub against her.

"St…stop!" Kohaku screamed pulling her legs together to try to still his hand.

"I don't think so," his voice was right by her ear.

He pushed his leg in between hers' and pried them apart. Kohaku cringed as he inserted two fingers. Tears began to streaming from her eyes and all she could feel was pain. Soon, a third finger joined the two, and Kohaku had turned her head to bite her uniform sleeve.

The pain was beginning to dull as Taka removed his fingers and Kohaku could hear the sound of fabric moving. Looking up, she tried to find her voice and words to say to make him stop.

However, a scream ripped from her throat as Taka pushed himself into her. He wasted no time and began a quick pace. Kohaku was finding it hard to breath and was staring at the ceiling trying hard not to concentrate on the pain.

Taka soon pulled out and finished, before he fell on top of Kohaku. He pushed himself up and resituated his clothing as he stood up. When he was done, he looked back at Kohaku, whose face was wet with tears. He reached forward and touched her cheek causing her to twitch and jerk away. She gasped at the pain she felt with the movement.

"You will get used to this," Taka smiled. "Now I have some business to take care of. Someone will bring you food soon."

Taka walked out of the room and slammed the door. Kohaku laid there, arms above her head and legs spread with one falling off the bed. The pain in her lower abdomen was slowly, very slowly, fading and the throbbing in her wrists was just beginning. 'Help me,' she thought to herself. 'Reiji…Daddy, please help…' Kohaku felt her thoughts slipping away and she became extremely tired, which she did not fight.