Um....random...yeah. Thanks to the random word generator (./randomword/) for the prompt. But seriously, there really is no point to this. Just a description of me from various viewpoints...

Who am I?

Am I the girl my mother sees, forgetful but considerate?

Am I the girl my father sees, stubborn but open-minded?

Am I the girl my sister sees, crass but knowledgeable?

Am I the girl my brother sees, reclusive but trustworthy?

Am I the girl my best friend sees, goofy but loyal?

Am I the girl my family sees, young but independent?

Am I the girl my teachers see, procrastinating but intelligent?

Am I the girl half my friends see, quiet but sweet?

Am I the girl the other half sees, coarse but kind?

Who am I?

Woohoo, exactly 99 words. Reviews would be great ^^