The Anger

How do you talk to the hurt that drives you?
Will it listen?
Will you obey?
Is there strength in numbers?
Can the thoughts be slain?

Where do you put the rage that drains you?
Inside a box?
At the bottom of the sea?
Is there a place that contains?
Can you set yourself free?

You're letting the madness in.
Treating like your brother.
Or an old friend.
This is the reddest ambition.
Becoming an animal to complete the mission.

When did the resentment all start?
Because you were weak?
Or shy?
Is there a way to rewrite your story?
Can this be a worthy alibi?

What do you take to cure that fury that feeds you?
A pill?
A glass of wine?
Is there really a remedy?
Can you break the chains that confine?

You're giving yourself false hopes.
Like tying square knots.
Into an already broken rope.
This is the unbreakable force.
Becoming the demon's only source.

Why do you fight the vehemence that shadows you?
You don't want it?
You're afraid?
Is there a master control?
Can you attempt to hesitate?

Which path will the ire take that scars you?
Down into the wrong?
Up into the right?
Is there a choice that's fits?
Can you pretend to decide?

You're staring into the beast's eyes.
A glimpse of the past, present and future.
Assimilated into a window of truth and lies.
This is the end of the war.
Becoming what you truly are.