It all started with one dare – one stupid, idiotic dare.

"I dare you to make yourself Maximilian's worst enemy."

That sentence made everyone freeze. Maximilian Gregory was the only heir of the billionaire widower Liam Gregory. He wasn't just another popular student in school, he was THE most popular kid in town; not that he recognized it. Maximilian was someone to fear with his good looks, credit cards and charming demeanor.

But there was something about a dare that made me unable to refuse it, even if it was suicide to do so. Difficult dares were sweet adrenaline, and never in my life have I lost one.

All eyes of the people on the lunch table turned to look at me with a piercing stare. I stole a glance at Maximilian. Damn, he looked good. He had naturally platinum blond hair, angular features and ice-blue eyes. Just the thought of being his enemy made my spine tingle.

Maximilian wasn't someone to play with. He was someone to respect, someone whose way you ought to stay out of.

"Don't do it, Claude." My best friend Heather hissed. "It's suicide – nobody has ever gone against him."

Stupid Ryan. He knew that I couldn't refuse a dare.

"So, are you game or what?" He asked coolly, certain I would refuse. Nobody would do this and risk their heads.

This was it. Everybody was going to see Claudiamarie Taylor back down from a dare for the first time ever. History was being made.

"Are you stupid? Of course I'll accept." The words came out of my mouth with a hint of confidence.

Jaws dropped and Heather slammed her head on the table. Ryan seemed impressed. I'd be lying if I said that I would be surprised if Heather broke up with him later.

"Maximilian is pretty hard to piss off – he's always got a calm expression. Looks like you're going to lose this one, Claude." He smirked.

Oh, someone's pretty cocky. "Watch me, Ryan. Watch me – by the end of next month, Maximilian Gregory would be wishing I were never born."

"I'm watching." He replied evenly, meeting my gaze with his.

Oh, he's on. He is so going to fall flat in his face.

"Ryan you idiot! She'll never back down from a dare." Heather screamed. "Telling her to back down is like telling a cat to bark!"

"And making Maximilian your enemy is like sleeping beside a serial killer." Another girl chimed in.

"Well, this cat is going to learn to bark after losing this dare." Ryan replied smugly.

"Or maybe this cat is going to sleep beside a serial killer and survive." I snapped back. I hate Ryan, I truly do. But Maximilian? I didn't know anything about him besides his name and a few other common details. Oh well - a dare's a dare.