She wanted to work with food
He wanted to work with computers
She constantly stayed in a foul mood
And he never thought he was a good suitor.
They fought and argued all the time
So much that they both lost their minds

He came home late one day
And found her asleep on their bed.
Her skin looked like clay,
Her face no longer red,
Her heart wasn't beating
And her lungs weren't breathing
He soon began to weep and cry
For his love lay dead by his side.

Then he saw a small piece of paper
With his name scrawled with little red letters
He slowly picked it up, not wanting to damage
Carefully unfolding, a white rose petal did fall
And to read, he did stall.

"To you my love,
I love you so much
But this life, I must shove
I can't stand for our love to stand on a crutch.
Something has happened to us,
Our demons are haunting,
And causing such a fuss,
So this ending has been so taunting.
I'm so sorry my sweet
That I had to leave you this day
I'm so sorry that you'll never again feel my heat
And I'm sorry that all your days will now be gray.
But this much I must say
That no matter what, I never stopped loving you
Even though our relationship was slow to decay
My love was always simple and true
And to this day, I love you to."