Love is such a strong word, but abused by the many. You may not love me yet, or even ever, but I know I can love you.

Hey girl,

I have a plan

Let's get in this shuttle

And rocket away

To never return

Years from this day


You make me smile

Your eyes are like moons

When you laugh through your words

You make my heart and soul swoon


If we rocket to the stars

Our hands clasped together

I have only one thought in my mind

That my love for you will last forever


You are my home

Because my home is my heart

You pretty much own it

So I wish we never part


I think this is silly

'Cause I'm giggling whilst I write these words

But that doesn't matter to me

Because you girl

You are my world


I think this is corny

And corny is so not my thing

But being around you, laughing with a light

I know that this is no mere fling


The sun shines through

And hits your face

You're wearing a blissful smile

I'm mesmerized in space


We float through what's supposed to be

A void of colours, but that's not to me

I clutch your hand, myself in awe

You girl,

Have not a single flaw


We float to the beautiful blue moon,

Awaiting its pleasure

The love in my heart for you

Is something time simply cannot measure


I have to stop writing this now

'Cause I'm smiling like a goof

If no one believes my love for you

You girl.

You are my proof.

^^ Dedicated to my special someone – You lovers out there, this can relate to you too, I wrote this whilst I was high on happy =] I guess I treasure my thoughts enough to write them