Leave the kids at home, mum,
go back to work. Quickly please.
After all, can't have you draining
society- all that money, obviously
some selfish laziness going on there.

(We'll quietly ignore the obvious-
ignore that parents are getting older,
that she's been out working for years
and presumably most important here-
the can't-have-society/future-without-babies
idea that no longer seems to cross minds

and we'll forget how
the dictionary defines "parent"
as one who raises and nurtures-
Yeah, she'll nurture you long distance,
haven't you ever heard of nurseries?)

because we mustmustmust have
you working, woman, for sure you
can't live off the taxpayers forever-
what was all your "feminism" and
woman's lib for if not for this?

They don't tell you what you're giving up
when they're forcing you to "have it all"