Darkness blanketed the stars when Bryan Parker finally left Bachman High. His muscles ached from the new drills of this basketball practice. He groaned when he thought about the tricky walk home. Cursing his parents' current lack of income, he pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt and stepped out into the downpour.

Cold, wet, and tired, Bryan trudged down the familiar path through the underbrush just outside school grounds. Once he reached the natural cover, he slowed his pace. He was only a couple miles from home when he stepped into a deceptively deep pool of mud. He cursed so loud at his misfortune that he was deaf to the nearby sound of a bone breaking.

In fact, Bryan was so absorbed with his left pant leg that it was a few minutes before he was aware of the disturbing sound of a beast's feeding. He was stunned for a few moments as he discerned the beast's location. Logically, it made sense to turn back and go home. But his pesky curiosity drew him to the scene. As he came closer, the instinct to flee was drowned out by more than curiosity. An indeterminable source seemed to pull him closer. The magnetism was inscrutable and compelling.

The pads of his Nikes stepped lightly across the forest floor. His ears strained and heard slurping. He shivered in disgust. Trembling slightly with fear and anticipation, he pulled back the final branches that hid him from the creature.

There, leaning over a lifeless doe, was the most horrific and handsome creature he had ever seen in his limited experience. Her hair was flaming red; it matched the other spatters of red on her body. Under the pale moonlight, her stark white skin stood out like a beacon against the deep red smear of innocent blood on a set of perfect red lips.

She or it was not aware of his careful approach amidst the raging thunder. At least, she hadn't until a traitorous wind blew the smell of his sweat and scent of his blood to her over-sensitive nose. Every muscle in her body contracted until she became an eerie fixture of the surroundings. Bryan's breathing shortened and thought seriously about taking a step back, but then, she began to rise slowly.

When the creature brought herself to her full height, it was a mere 5'3". However, given the state of the animal at her feet, she was not to be underestimated. As she turned about, she gave a greater presence with a mystical air of grace. The growing glow of her alabaster skin and the fierce intensity of her crimson hair made Bryan gazed in wonder at this beast of death.

He knew something was wrong when he felt her violet eyes burning holes into his skull. Finally, in an effort to keep both his wits and stomach in check, he cast his eyes downward as gazed at her skin. It was strange though, the longer Bryan stared at her skin, the more he felt compelled to draw near. Bizarrely enough, he began to feel guilty as well as terrified. He felt as though he had invaded her privacy.

After a few minutes of only listening to the angry clouds clashing above, the creature made the first move. She approached slowly. Aiden kept his eyes downward until she was so close he could see the brand of tennis shoes she was wearing. It was unreal to find a regular pair of Addias on this...this thing.

Finally she spoke with a voice an angel would envy. "Do you realize what I am?" she asked softly.

He finally had the courage to look up. For a brief second, he was hooked on the perfection of her face. Then he saw her lips. They were red, blood red. Then, to add more to his trauma, her eyes were red as well. It was as if the blood of the doe had filled them with both color and malice. He shuddered, and shook his head. His nauseous stomach told him that words were not safe at the moment.

Her demon eyes glittered with disbelief, but she smiled. His pupils dilated in horror as he stared at…at fangs. They were sharp and white and red and bared and stained with the sacrifice. Oddly enough, though he was scared out of his mind, he reached out to examine them. He wanted to make sure they were real, that he wasn't crazy, that this wasn't a nightmare.

Her reaction was far too swift for his regular vision to process. In less than two seconds, there was a lump on his head and his vision swirled into darkness.

She smirked as she watched him fall to the ground. Humans are so breakable, she thought, nudging the unconscious boy with her shoe. Then, she spoke.

"A word to the wise, boy, don't touch the fangs."