November 11th 2008

James 15

Camille 16

James and Camille

"What a hag!" Spat Camille as she slumped into the chair next to James. He dog-eared the page, and looked up attentively.

"What an absolute whore!" He sighed, this was going to be a big rant.

"What a misery of a woman! How sad and pathetic does a person have to be to track down a 6th former just because she doesn't turn up for class? Dom does it all the time! Does she track him down? No, of course not - why? – Because she is a ho-bag that has nothing better to do than actively hate me for her entire life!" He just blinked at her. She wasn't finished yet: "If Mr. Berger hears about this I swear to god, I am done-for – he will talk to my parents then I will be grounded for the rest of eternity, then I won't be able to go to the Christmas ball, therefore I will be forced to take my revenge by finally going to her, and gently informing her that she looks like a freaky transvestite on Halloween and that if she actually grew some eyebrows, she might be able to save some money on eyebrow pencils, and that she should put that money towards a decent wardrobe rather than wasting money on trousers that are made for someone with decently proportioned legs, not for someone that has the leg-length of a 10 year old!" She gasped as she finished her rant.

"Yeah, I've never much liked Mrs. Flood," James said idly as he glanced out the window, "She gave me detention once." He glanced over at her smile, then returned to his book after he was sure that Camille had calmed down.

OK, so i thought that i would admit that this is true to life, this actually happened to me lately. Same teacher, same situation - and i do actually go on rants like this, except mine onvolved prison and becoming a hobo. so sue me.

sorry havent updated again. My only excuse is that i have had loads of work to do, and my only excuse for not doing that, is that i am a world-class procrastinator. sorry guys. :)
- Kate