We were together until the end?
Only those days… Were good.

Spread, spread your paper wings
and fly me to the small cloudy sky
we used to know.

Before you left this world
where you felt abandoned,
you gave me a Spieldose
with a Puppe inside;

Her hair was black,
her eyes were red,
her dress was green
and her smile made me
… Smile too.

She was so, so pretty I fell in love…
The way she played the violin,
such a haunting melody was born,
a melody telling a tale about fairies

… A tale about us,
it's not a happy ending, ha.

Sometimes I dare dream
you're still with me,
so you weren't always alone.

But love can't save me anymore, right?

If I have nothing… I just could hold tightly
the innocence painted with crimson…
We'll keep meeting each other
just for splitting like a broken mirror,
there's no reflection I can see… Bitte!!
Winter, come back to freeze our last kiss.

How many times did we wake up
without remembering what we did?

How many times did we have the answers
without the questions?

How many times did we laugh
instead of crying?

I open my eyes as your tears
kiss my blushing cheeks,
it feels cold though the love is so warm
it breaks my heart…

I don't know why I can't help smiling,
perhaps, I've waited for the goodbye
since the very first time we met
in that Blue Garten…

Many blue orchids marked us,
crumbling our bodies…
Our souls were separated, but

I never stop looking for you
'cause I want to believe
you're waiting for me.

There's no a place called Ewigkeit
but in our minds, that's why
I still think of…

Spread, spread your paper wings
and fly me to the irreversible past
we tried to rewrite.

I don't want to return to Paradies, do you?
I wasn't escaping from this sadness,
the doors were closed to me and it's ok,
I begun to wander here and there
in order to find my half…

There's no a place called Ewigkeit
but in our minds, that's why
I still think of you.


Ewigkeit: eternity.

Spieldose: music box.

Puppe: doll.

Bitte: please.

Garten: garden.

Paradies: paradise.


Thank you, simpleplan13 for helping me with this ^^


My german isn't good and it'll never be good, so forgive me UU; I just wrote this poem inspired by a story called "puppen" I'm writting (in spanish since 2006/ 37 chapters) it's a story set in germany (no special reason) about two twins who fall in love with the same girl, she's a fairy and the key to a place called "ewigkeit" and her secrets are kept in a puppe and they meet in a garten (in reality is a mental hospital)… and fairy curses, love, drama, serial killers, mistery, secrets, dreams, tarot, comedy, romance, music, dancing and it's a happy ending but some readers think not ^^ ma fiction and I have hope to get it published, yeah, I live in a small world.