A plot bug that had been swimming around in my head demanded to be written down. And so here it is. :3
Hope you enjoy ~
- Aei.


He is the King of White. His armor glittered in the sunlight. As the sun caught his crown, the silver blinded the eyes of anyone who dared look at His Majesty. His army surrounded him – his soldiers ready to lay down their lives upon his call. The cavalry were ready, their legs firmly clamped around their horses. His queen was next to him, her hand gripping his left. His sword was brandished on his right with the diamond blade looking deadly and lethal, ready to slash at anyone who approaches him. Emerald eyes scanned the battlefield ahead, longing and dreading for the enemy to march over the horizon.

She is the Queen of Black. Her armor hugged the curves of her lithe body. She was ready, her platinum spear was balanced on her right gloved hand as her left closed around her King's. She cautiously glanced around their army, feeling a sense of relief as she sees the readiness of her guards. She adjusted her gold and opal-studded crown atop her jet black hair. As her ruby eyes glanced the top of the hill, a glint entered her line of vision. She knew it was Him.

The soft ground of the hill thundered as the Black marched to their rightful spot. A distinct distance was set between the two armies. No one was to move from their spot until both sides were ready. The King of White raised his hand, signaling his army's readiness. The White was to always go first, it was war protocol – tradition - and no one dare break the tradition set hundreds of years before. The King of Black raised his hand as well and She gripped her spear tighter. She is ready to fight through the crowd to see Him face to face once again.

As their armies clashed, the burden of loyalty weighed them down. He wanted nothing more but to run to Her. She wanted nothing more but to meet with Him. But yet they stayed where they were, surrounded by opposing armies, ready to fight for their lives, waiting for the call forcing them to march across the battlefield.

The sound of metal hitting metal reached His ears. He glanced to his left just in time to see his horseman take down a foot soldier of his enemy. Yet as he scanned the battlefield, He sees Her gallantly making her way through no man's land, piercing a path open for herself with her sharp spear. He knew what She wanted. He wanted the same also. They both would do anything in their power to stand in front of each other, to just bathe in the love radiating from one another, despite the circumstances.

After He killed a Black guard, He brandished his diamond sword high as She finally reached him. He had to put up an act - His queen as well as the rest of the two armies was watching them. He knew deep in his heart that She would never willingly hurt Him, He too would never hurt Her, but the battle goes on. And it was Her turn to move.

She took a shaky breath as her rubies met with His emeralds. She pleaded with Him through Her eyes, begging Him to not force Her to do the unthinkable deed. But she already knew what He would do. Her thoughts were confirmed as He gave a sharp nod and smiled. The smile held so much meaning, it showed His love for Her – a love that can never die despite the circumstances. She knew she had to do it, for Him and for Herself – She has to maintain the charade that they played. No one is to know that they're in love. And so she pierced Him at his side.

As the King of White fell down in agony, Her tears fell along with Him. She wanted nothing more but to run to Him, to cradle His head between her arms, to kiss away the sorrow, the hurt, and the despair from his face. But She stood where she was, her spear dripping with Her lover's blood. The Black won.

All their life, they played the same game over and over again. They were made for this, it was their destiny. All they could do is play the game as best as they can while maintaining the façade that hides their love. There are rules binding them and they both know that they could never break the rules. They were made for this game, it was their life's sole purpose – all they could do is to keep on playing.

The White carried their King off the battlefield to where they were camped. They bandaged his side, their heads filled with shame and guilt for letting their King get hit. But none of them knew what was really going on in His mind. He wanted it to happen, and so it did. It was the cycle of his life – White wins, Black wins, He's wounded, He heals. There was no stopping it. However, he never complains. It is because that when they're in battle can He see Her.

The sun set, the battlefield now empty as the two armies retreated after the King was pierced.

However, a voice rang throughout the two campgrounds soon after sundown.

"Hey, do you want to play?" A tenor said drawing a shaky breath from the two armies.

"Sure!" A soprano agreed without any hesitation.

The King of White and the Queen of Black both raised their heads to the star-studded sky. It was a blessing and a curse. They would see each other again, but one of the two armies must be defeated.

The Black and White got into position and began their march to the battlefield. A diamond sword and a platinum spear reflected the emeralds and the rubies of their beholder. The two Kings raised their hands to assure their readiness.

And the game began all over again.