I dream of his face, his sweet loving face.

His dark eyes small but so deep, filled with emotion and compassion.

How I want to lose myself in them.

His eyeslashes are long, they genly caress his cheeks.

His hair is short and silky smooth but long enough for

me to run my fingers through them.

How I long to feel his soft black locks in my hands

I dream of his cheeks, creamy white and easy to blush.

And I dream of his lips, small, petal soft, pink and

with a slight pout.

How I yearn to feel those smooth lips on mine.

I dream of his voice; sexy and soothing

I dream of his heart; big, warm and full of hope

I dream of his love; pure, unconditional and everlasting

I dream, I dream I dream of a love that will someday be.