A/N: Part two
I will proboaly continue this, depends on what other shit happens in my family that inspires me...

Part 2:

Dear _____,

So now it's my fault for your fucked up problems?

I caused you to start arguing?

Oh no wait, you can't live without arguing now can you?

I wish you would just go away and let us live in peace without your pigheadedness

I don't regret anything I've ever said

I meant every word I said and I would say them all again if I knew you would listen

You've hurt my family for the last time.

If I'm the bitch than why am I the one with a family that loves me and friends who are actually my friends

What happened to yours?

Oh right; you dropped them all as soon as she entered your life

So my last words to you for a long time bitch…

Fuck off.

I don't want your negativity, hatred, narcissism, stupidity and selfishness in my life anymore!

Peace out.