The scent of blood,

The taste of metal.

Your wrists...

Taped to the mantle.

Food has never looked,

This delicious before.

No one will miss you,

Because you're a whore.

Lobishomen usually keep,

Their victims close at hand.

But because you're so appealing,

Its more that I have planned.

You'll only be useful,

For this one night.

After I'm done with you,

You'll never see the light.

Imagine a pain,

So much you can't bare.

But it disappears,

Just as it got there.

You'll be amazed,

At what you've become.

But you my darling,

Will be prettier than some.

You remind me of a story,

My creator once read.

One about love,

And the tears that they shed.

The man was like me,

And the girl was like you.

Also just like the story,

You'll be one too.