Everybody dreams about being the characters in the books they read, everyday people who wish fate had granted them the gift, the gift of being different, special, a hero to be remembered throughout time. Someone who fights evil and against all odds, wins. No one gives a thought to the perils that happen along the way, no one stops to think hey, that character could have died back there. Because in the end, everything works out, no matter how bad things get, no matter how hopeless a situation seems, you know it will be alright in the end, because the hero always comes through, good defeats evil, the end. What if you spent your life wishing to be the hero, begging fate to chose you, knowing that if that luck befell you, it would be set in stone that you would triumph., but what if fate had a different destiny in store for you, what if instead of the hero, you were chosen to become the villain, the bane of all that's right and good, the one who at the end of the story, must be vanquished lest the world end? Wouldn't you wish that Fate had left you alone? That you had just been another face in the crowd that passes everyday, living happy, if not normal lives?
Fate chose me to be a villain, and you know what I chose? I chose to fight fate and create my own destiny.