I've decided, some time ago—that there was, and still is, too much sadness in this world.

It is never going to end, is it?—and endless stream of happenings that may shock the world. A lot of it is our fault too—teenagers go through anguish that drives them to suicide; there is too much war, like the one in Iraq; there is too much conflict and misunderstanding, like the tension between Tibet and China; there is too much discord of nature, from the hurricane Katrina to the Sichuan earthquake. Things like that happen too often. You see homophobia, and the people who are brave enough to admit to their sexuality being shunned just because a religious book said that love cannot be in the same gender. Too many people getting together, then leaving each other—divorces, that hurt the children. Friendships stopping because someone has changed. People dying, here and there; people suffering, everywhere.

The world is sad, and I am but one person—no matter how much I want to do something, I cannot. I wish I can, I don't think I'm trying hard enough.

People are hypocrites, and we're to blame for our own pain. That's why I want the world to change.

You see people hurting just because they are a race, gender, nationality, or religion that someone does not like, that no one is responsible to be born as.

Animals hurting just because they have not become intelligent enough in time before humans took over and look at them condescendingly.

Too many unwanted children, unwanted animals, unwanted waves of discord, unwanted death, unwanted prejudice.

We can't have any joy, and joy is a blessing. We are cursed, and although a little joy will come in time, we savor it and it leaves.

I've decided, some time ago—that there is too much sadness in this world.

There is too much sadness, and I wish it could stop. It never will, but I wish it can lighten.