Eyes stare at me

Glistening through the glass

Shining dully

Easing into a

Recuperative zone

Of mind

To preserve whatever is left

Of what she thought she was


She sounds differently

To people's ears

She doesn't look normal

Like what her parents want

She doesn't feel like herself

Happy and excited as one would think

She acts differently

Than she normally would


There is something wrong

Something not right

Her image is


Her hair has changed

Her nails are dark

Her lips are black

And her eyes seem dead


You see more of her body

Than you would like to

She holds back on love

And lashes out with hate

At just about everyone


But no one sees her

Internal struggle

Her eternal battle

With herself

With her now

With her past

Fighting for recognition

On the planes of her face


The battle is gruesome


And never-ending

But as I look in the mirror

I wait for the image to change

I wait for a spark of life in her eyes

A flash of recognition for

Who she is


We are the same person

And I'm still in the battle

With who I really am

On the planes of my face

As I look at my mirror image