Hi guys! Yes I'm still alive so stop staring at the screen like that. Anywho I've come to lay out my excuses for my long, uncalled for absense. And I'm aware I spelled that wrong.

First off my I've been really busy in the beginning of the school year with home work and projects and those time consuming type of stuff. Then my six month internet deal expired and my dad didn't want to get it back because i'm on the computer too much (like he's one to talk). Then i went through a not so great moment of my life and didn't even feel like typing anything. Then i lost my USB with all the stories i was working on, this put me in a bit of a funk for another long while. After that i tried playing The Sims 2 on my ancient computer and for a while it worked but the pace it was moving at made me mad and as i was storming away clumsy me tripped over the charger and it came crashing down with me. It still works surprisingly but the screen is all messed up, and what use is a computer when u can't even see what you're doing? Anyway im out of my funk a bit, im spending time with my family in Jamaica (its good to be home) and my dad just got married. Again. So yeah that's my story, coming from the computer at my aunties house. I don't know when i'll get a new computer again with a working internet but i'll at least trying working on my stories again. I do miss my characters and writing about them and I hope you guys miss them too. So i bid thee fare well!

R.I.P : to my beloved USB whoever took you and probably deleted everything i wrote on you and is now claiming you as their own can come and lick my rear end. Thank You.

P.S. Not sure why i wrote that as if the person is going to be on here reading this, but then again you never know right?