A very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures when exposed to virtual reality gameplay. Certain conditions may induce previously undetected seizures even in persons who have no history of prior seizures. If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic condition, consult your physician prior to playing. If you experience any of the following symptoms while playing in virtual reality—dizziness, altered vision, nausea, disorientation, or convulsions—IMMEDIATELY discontinue use and consult your physician before resuming play.


The use of software of peripherals not authorized by Sony Virtual Entertainment Japan may damage your console and/or invalidate your warranty. Only official or licensed peripherals should be used in the headsets or memory ports.


This disc is intended for use only with VRPlayer consoles.

Do not bend it, crush it, or submerge it in liquids.

Getting Started


The game CD is accompanied by a VR HEADSET and VR SETTING CONSOLE.

Place the EXISTENCE(tm) disc with the label side facing up in the disc holder, and then close the disc cover. Attach headsets and other peripherals as appropriate. Your computer will automatically detect the disc, and will begin installation; if it does not start right away, restart your computer.


There are four options available—

Yellow – record

Blue – dream mode

Green – normal mode

Red – reset


Welcome to the World of Existence…

The land of Existence, equally divided between the three dominant races, is about to fall into a time of unknown darkness…The throne has been unoccupied for more than a millennia, and Humans, Elves, and Beasts alike are warring amongst each other in their attempts to place their candidate in power.

With every Year comes the Annual, a tournament to find the true leader…The winner of every year has led the world of Existence, but merely as a steward…

We await our true liege.

Why we live…

Why we exist…

Why we die…

Embark on an epic adventure through an alternate universe on your quest for the truth!


More than a millennia ago, the wise ruler King Dasshu led the people of Existence, and under his reign the land enjoyed a time of peace and prosperity.

But it was not to last.

A young man, of unknown race, rose up against the rightful ruler with a large band of power-hungry followers. Utilizing the power of the greatest entities known to man, he successfully overthrew the king, whom he exiled from the land. However, he was unable to sit on the Throne that King Dasshu had left behind, for he was not the king that the land had chosen.

Under his tyrannical reign, the people suffered, and the once abundant land withered away…But there came a day when the usurper too stood in front of death's door. At the very last moment, just before he closed his eyes for the last time, he saw the restless ghost of King Dasshu.

King Dasshu, cursing the land and the people who had supported the coup d'état, vowed to never remove the curse until a man truly worthy of being king sat on the Throne.

And since then, the lands have begun to wither away…The dying land was abandoned, and subsequently renamed the Unknown…The people war amongst each other yearly in search of power. The winners of every annual tournament attempt to sit on the Throne, and are rejected.

The curse still lives.

Will you be the one to become king?


At the beginning of the game, there will be only two rings [vortexes] available to you. These are the Avatar ring and the Options Ring. After registering your name and account information, you will be given the choice to pick between three races:




Each race has its own advantages and disadvantages [see: GAMEPLAY] as well as its own unique classes and skills. Choose wisely, for you can never switch once your choice is confirmed. Once character registration is complete, the Game Ring will be available to enter.

In the Options Ring, you can adjust virtual reality gameplay:

Sensitivity – Sets how much pain you will feel (0-100). At 0 is no sensation at all, which is unadvisable given that you will not feel your HP dropping. At 100 is the actual amount of pain being reduced [pain is ranged on a scale of 0 to 7; pain rated at 5 and above will be reduced].

Privacy – You can choose whether to publicly show your character profile or to hide it.

Dream Mode - By sending signals to your brain, your body receives rest while your brain remains active. However, gameplay may feel less realistic than in Normal Mode, and a sufficient cool down period is implanted at the end of gameplay.

Internal Clock – Although time moves faster in virtual reality (at an average ratio of 10 virtual hours to 1 hour in real time), continuous gameplay is not recommended. The Internal Clock is recommended to be turned on; real time will be kept track for you.

Alarm Clock – Set the time you need to be woken up at here.


The world of Existence is roughly divided into five equal portions; Human, Elf, Beast, Neutral, and Unknown.

The Human root town is Magnus.

The Elf root town is Eria.

The Beast root town is Mossel.

The Neutral root city is Yuun.

Root towns/cities is the area where your character will begin the game. Once your character has reached level 15, housing is available for sale. Rent is available for all races.

Character Stats

The general classes of each race can be further divided into subclasses. Beginners start out with these classes, but after fulfilling certain required quests and attaining a certain level, they can proceed on to the next subclass.


Warrior -- Fighter -- Dark/White Knight -- *Warlord

Pirate -- Captain -- Admiral -- *Lord of the Sea

Cleric -- Priest -- Archangel -- *Seraphim


Warrior -- Slayer -- Dragon Knight -- *Dragon Lord

Bowman -- Hunter -- Legend -- *Lord of the Wind

Mage -- Shade -- Demon -- *King of Hell


Warrior -- Mercenary -- Blood Knight -- *Blood Lord

Thief -- Outlaw -- Shapeshifter -- *Feral King

*Only the highest level character of that class are allowed to attain this subclass (on international level).

Each character starts out with 40 points, distributed randomly (as specified by each class). After that, each level gained earns 10 points, to which the user may distribute as he wishes.

Default Stats



STR: 20

DEF: 10

MP: 5



STR: 10

DEF: 10

MP: 10



STR: 5

DEF: 10

MP: 20




STR: 15

DEF: 5

MP: 10



STR: 15

DEF: 5

MP: 10



STR: 5

DEF: 5

MP: 20




STR: 20

DEF: 5

MP: 5



STR: 10

DEF: 5

MP: 5


STR, standing for STRENGTH, determines how much physical damage your character will deal.

DEF, standing for DEFENSE, determines how much damage monsters and other characters will deal on your character.

MP, standing for MANA POWER/POINTS, determines how much magic damage your character will deal, as well as how much magic your character can do.

SPEED determines how fast your character moves (only in battle). While relatively, speed rates are the same, monsters and characters will seem to move at a slower pace (when in attack or defense mode) for characters with higher speed.

ENERGY determines how long your character stays alive. Every character starts out with 100% energy, meaning that when the body gets damaged enough for an actual body to die, the character will die (i.e. sword through heart). When at 500%, the character must get damaged five times the actual damage required to kill you, before it dies.

Damage is calculated according to speed and defense.

Skill Book

Each class comes with its own unique skill book. The skill book contains the skills available to your level [certain skills can only be unlocked with the completion of certain tests]. Offensive skills consume MP and ENERGY in order to inflict damage on the enemy, while defensive skills consume MP and ENERGY in order to defend your character and/or those in your party.


All characters start out at level 1, with no subclass. Once level 50 is attained and several required quests are fulfilled, characters have the choice to attain their first subclass.


There are eight 'Titles' available to users (internationally). The highest level player of each class is given a separate subclass. With each separate subclass comes a unique ability or accessory.

The eight Titles are:


Lord of the Sea


Dragon Lord

Lord of the Wind

King of Hell

Blood Lord

Feral King

Experience Meter

The Experience Meter shows how close your character is to obtaining the next level. Experience is gained by defeating monsters [note: killing other players in non-events or civilian NPCs do not give any experience points]. When the Experience Meter is full, your character levels up, gaining 10 skill points, which are to be freely distributed. With each level that your character attains, the required number of experience points steadily increases.

Energy and MP

The lack of energy and MP will feel the same way you feel tired in real life. Shallow wounds will heal by itself with time [at a faster rate than in reality], but deep wounds require a visit to a Pharmacy or a Hospital. Both are located in every town and city in Existence, and no fees are charged.

Although some energy and MP can be restored with potions, continual rest and relaxation is recommended.


The items you can carry around are limited to what you can bodily carry [see: PETS and EQUIPMENT], but the Bank, located in every town and city, will gladly hold your items for you.


NPC, standing for NON-PLAYER CHARACTER, will be around in every town and city you visit. These NPCs are able to interact with players freely, and must be treated as actual beings. Although somewhat confined to several parameters—such as being forbidden to kill players—these NPCs have been programmed with mostly free-will.

A majority of NPCs play as shopkeepers, doctors, and soldiers, but many others have major roles in quests.


Pets are available for sale in various shops spread throughout Existence. All pets can carry a certain number of items for you, and some also act as mounts or can assist in battle [among other skills]. Pets must be treated with affection, and given food in order to level up. Pets take care of their own personal hygiene. Pets are limited to two per user.

The most commonly available pets are:

Dog [storage: 10]

Cat [storage: 10]

Wolf [storage: 15] [mount]

Raven [storage: 8] [mount]

Bat [storage: 5]

The more rare and expensive pets include:

Dragon [storage: 50] [mount] [battle]

Eagle [storage: 35] [mount] [battle]

Phoenix [storage: 30] [mount] [heal]


Equipment (clothes and weapons) can be put on or removed both ingame and in the Avatar Ring during startup. However, equipment can only be bought from shops or from other players while ingame. The Avatar Ring has access to your Bank, and in the Avatar Ring, you can pick whatever is in your Bank. (In the Avatar Ring, you do not have to manually put on your clothes).

Although race cannot be changed, for a heavy price, skin color, face, and body can be physically altered at the Avatar Ring.

Note: For skin color, face, and body changes, your account information must be confirmed.

The Annual

An annual tournament in which all eligible players [in teams of three] compete for the grand prize: $5 million dollars. Winners also given right to try and sit on the Throne [see: HISTORY]. Requirements and rules vary every year; for more information, check out our website at:


International Ranking (as of 2405)

Highway – level 266 – Warlord – USA

Stainless – level 264 – Lord of the Sky – China

Fold – level 259 – King of Hell – Japan

Dark – level 251 – Lord of the Sea – Germany

Pepper – level 249 – Feral King – Philippines

Karu – level 247 – Dragon Lord – Japan

Dalian – level 246 – Admiral – MEA

Sin – level 244 – Seraphim – Germany

Nabi – level 242 – Archangel – Japan

Evon – level 239 – Dark Knight – China

National Ranking (Japan, 2405)

Fold – level 259 – King of Hell

Karu – level 247 – Dragon Lord

Nabi – level 242 – Archangel

Satsuki – level 234 – Shapeshifter

Sky – level 225 – Legend

Flight – level 220 – Admiral

Alive – level 217 – Dragon Knight

Sukiya – level 214 – Legend

Glory – level 213 – Demon

Yozora – level 211 – Admiral

Fang – level 208 – White Knight

Takoyaki – level 205 – Blood Knight

Suede – level 205 – Admiral

Technical Support

Warranty and Service Information

In the unlikely event of a problem with your product, you may only need simple instructions to correct the problem. Please contact Playlist Virtual Entertainment Customer Service Department by calling us at (xxx) 733-3253, by emailing us at or on the web at [ommitted].vtr/support before returning the Product to a retailer. Please do not send any Product to PVR without contacting us first.