Where the Heart Is

People always say, "Home is where the heart is." I agree completely, though in a somewhat different way than one might imagine.

When you are asked what "home" is, what it means to you, ideally we all want to respond "my house" or "with my family". The image that's brought to the mind of most people when thinking about Home is comforting, clean, warm. It's cookies in the oven and your mom ready to listen to you vent about what a day you had. It's a peaceful, inviting environment.

Unfortunately, we can all agree that Home isn't always like this; and in fact, is probably rarely like this for most people. You know how it is. You come home after a horrible day at school, and all you want to do is relax and drink hot cocoa. But you walk in the front door and there are chores to be done, mouths to be fed, children to be calmed, bills to pay. Your parents get on your case about that missing homework, ground you because you were out too late last night, hand you the screaming baby and take an aspirin: never having asked even once how your day went. Finally, you manage to escape to your room to listen to music and call your best friend.

So, rather than seeing home as a literal thing, I see it figuratively. Home is the place where you are most comfortable. Home is where you can turn to for acceptance and understanding and love.

Home is where you belong, reader. You don't have to fight to gain attention. There is no jealousy, no competition, no envy. You are accepted simply because it is in the very definition of home. Home is your best memories – the laughs you have shared, the feeling of being on top of the world.

In short, home is perfect – so home can only be a peace of mind.