Chapter One: September - November, 1942

Tenth grade. Two and a half years since Hitler took power here in Denmark.

Many have fled to Switzerland—many of the Jewish people, I mean. I have no religion, and I am protected by my Christian status.

So at the beginning of the optional tenth year of schooling, I was around to see a new student in the sparse ranks of the remaining seniors. The mere fact that she was unrecognized that first day brought her greater attention. The bright yellow star pinned to her shirtfront added to her conspicuousness.

My name is Tobias. I'm a normal 16-year-old.

I knew all of the Jewish people left in my year, had friends amongst them. I knew she was not one of the Jews left, unless she had transferred. Rare, for such times of war. Dangerous.

She befriended—or rather, was befriended by—several others in the year below us. Some had affectionately called her "Red." In my mind, she became Red, the transferred Jewish girl.

A month passed. She was absent for several days at a time, but never more than a week.

And then, halfway through the first semester, she vanished.

At first, it was nothing unusual, just another one of her long absences, but as the days grew into weeks, rumors spread that she had been taken. One of her friends, who happened to be in one of my elective classes, explained to me that she had gone to Red's house, only to find it ransacked.

I felt a pang when I heard the trail of gossip. It was the same pang of sadness that I felt whenever anyone disappeared.

End Notes:

I actually have barely half an idea of how Danish schooling works (I did a bare minimum of research on Wikipedia ."), so if you find anything wrong there, just tell me and I'll (hopefully) fix it. (I don't even know when their school years start...-.-)

Sorry it's short, but I don't have much written per chapter. I might come back and add a ton of details later, but for now it'll remain horribly short. The ending also feels crappy... and the tense jumps around... but to heck with that....